• zOMG 3000
    Episode 2: The V-Blade Ring

    A manhole popped open and Prince Kazuhiko came out of it. “So this is Barton Town!” Prince Kazuhiko said. He walked around the town, seeing the sights and talking to people, when a knight came up in front of him.
    “Howdy!” the knight said. “Are you new here?”
    “Yeah…” Prince Kazuhiko answered. “My name’s Prince Kazuhiko. What’s yours?”
    “I’m Gwen!” Gwen answered back. “I believe I’m supposed to give newbies like you missions.”
    “Cool. What do you have?”
    “Well, we’ve been havin’ some trouble with the Lawn Gnomes recently, so I guess you could kill 10 or so.”
    “Alright. I had better go then.” Prince Kazuhiko walked off.
    “Uh… sir? You’re walking in the wrong direction.” Gwen said.
    “I knew that!” Prince Kazuhiko said, walking back quickly with his head down.

    “Alright! Time to get some Lawn Gnomes!” Prince Kazuhiko said. He walked over to where a few were standing. “Hunter’s Bow!” He shot an arrow at one. It hardly fazed, and then the whole group went after Prince Kazuhiko. “Shoot!” Prince Kazuhiko ran back and prepared to attack. “Mantis!” He ran at the Lawn Gnomes and swung his sword. The Lawn Gnome he hit was hardly fazed… again.
    “Shoot!” Prince Kazuhiko ran away from them, only getting more to come after them. After a little while, he had a herd chasing him. “Darn it! I’m too dang tired to keep running! There has to be…” Just that moment, Prince Kazuhiko saw a mountain pass. “Perfect!” He ran up it and the Lawn Gnomes stopped chasing him.

    “Whew!” Prince Kazuhiko breathed heavily as he talked. “Finally lost them!” Prince Kazuhiko started walking further up the mountain. “I wonder if I shouldn’t be here…”
    Nothing happened for a while, then while he was walked past a cave. He heard a quiet grumble. “Huh?” Prince Kazuhiko said. “Who’s there?”
    Now the grumble grew to a roar, and a giant rock crawled out of the cave. “What the heck is that?!” Prince Kazuhiko said and jumped back.
    Suddenly the rock showed eyes and crab-like claws. “Grrrrrrrrrr.” It growled(sort of).
    Prince Kazuhiko scanned it. “Oh, crap.” Prince Kazuhiko, tremendously scared, said. “That Rock Crab’s way too strong for me!” He started running away, but the Rock Crab was faster. It caught up to him and smashed him with a claw. “Oof! Shoot… looks like I have to attack head on!”
    Prince Kazuhiko ran towards the monster. “Mantis! Rage full!” He said and, just like that, he disappeared with incredible speed. He blurred past the monster, slashing it too many times to count. Then he appeared behind it. But, alas, it hardly affected the Rock Crab, and the monster smashed him again.
    Prince Kazuhiko was nearly hit over the cliff by the path. “Ugh. I don’t think I can take anymore…” Prince Kazuhiko said very weakly. Then he saw a glint in a cluster of rocks. “What’s that…?” He grabbed it, and right after he did, a shark came up and crunched the Rock Crab. “What the…?!?”
    When the shark disappeared into the ground, Prince Kazuhiko saw a group of people standing behind it. “You okay?” The leader of the group said. “It looks like you took quite a beating.”
    “Who’re you?” Prince Kazuhiko said as he got up.
    “My name is GameTesterJan. We are the zOMG Elite!” GameTesterJan answered.
    “Wow…” Prince Kazuhiko responded in surprise. “What’re you doing here?”
    “I should be asking you the same question.” GameTesterJan responded. “We are here to find a legendary ring that was said to be here on this mountain.”
    “Well, I ran away from Lawn Gnomes so I wouldn’t get killed…”
    “So a noob, eh? Well, you should just head back and stay out of us elite’s business.” GameTesterJan said, and the group went away.
    “The nerve of him! I wonder…?” Prince Kazuhiko said as he limped down the mountain pass.