• Today sucked. Straight up sucked. First of all, I was demoted from special opps... again. Now I'm a stupid Harrier... again. And now, I need to get a new partner... again.


    A stack of files fell in front of me.

    “You two better start looking for partners,” It was Silver. Well, Silver was his code name, like mine was Black. We had code names like all other members of the Organization. Huh, now that I think about I don't know Silver or White's real names.

    Silver and White are my two best friends (don't tell them I said that). Silver was supposedly perfect. In looks, personality, skill, or so all the girls in the Organization said. White was... pretty. I don't think there's any other word to describe his looks. He was confident and insanely positive. He's sorta like an insanely happy girl.

    “Don't you need to pick a partner too Siv?” White asked.

    “I already picked one,” Silver pulled up a file and opened it up.

    Inside was a Bio of a fourteen year old kid. He had deep dark purple hair and gray eyes and an extremely emotionless face. The kid sort of looked like Silver.

    “So why this one Siv?” I asked, “He doesn't look like someone you'd team up with.”

    “Yeah I know,” He sighed, “It's just, he's my brother, and I want him to have a good start at the Organization.”

    “Your brother huh?” I looked at the file. I would never understand Silver. Then again, all I have is resentment toward my siblings. I thought about what Mom used to say: 'There are all types of family Berry.' “Good luck with that Siv.”

    “It sounds great,” White clapped his hands together and smiled his weird happy smile that made him look like a little kid.

    “Heh, thanks,” He smiled his sincerest smile. Ten bucks said girls would faint if they ever saw Silver's happy smile.

    “No prob,” I said leaning back into my chair.

    “Yep. No big.” White said, the childish smile still plastered to his face, “Ok! Lets get to work Blackie.”

    “Yeah, yeah. I'm on it,” I opened up the first file. Dang this is going to take all night.

    * * *

    The sounds of Silver's snores and the mumbling of White's sleep talk filled my dorm room. After seven we were kicked out of the Organization Library and moved to my room. At about nine Silver and White found a partner who seemed like he would be able to handle White. I was still looking.

    None of the juniors looked like they would be partner material. It was really a pain to look at all the bios. The kid's skills, recommendations from trainers and their transcripts. After all, my partner needed to be someone who wouldn't slow me down and could be able to handle the Organization later on. Just like what Silver said: 'Why do you care about what kind of partner you get? You're just going to get promoted to special opps again and ditch the poor kid.'

    I sighed as I looked at the last file. God I hope this one's good. A boy. Dark brown hair, darkish skin, red eyes. Pshych: Aura manipulation, seemed like just the kid for my partner.

    I wrote “THIS ONE” across the top of the file.

    I laid down on the floor and glanced at the clock 3:27. I could hear Silver now: 'Why do you care about what kind of partner you get? You're just going to get promoted to special opps again and ditch the poor kid.' He'd freak if I told him the answer.

    It was pretty simple. If I get put on suspension again for any reason, especially due to: failure of mission completion due to lack of partnership and teamwork. Nine trillion dollars say I'm going to be disowned.

    I laughed a little to myself . So I stayed up 'till 3:28 in the morning finding a kid who probably wouldn't even last one mission, just so I could keep my pride. Heh, all of you must think I'm a moron.........