• I ended up botching my potion and my room was now covered with soot. I swore foully and dropped everything. Feeling quite annoyed, I decided to take a walk in the woods, hoping that would calm me down. On my way out I patted the heads of the guard dogs who were rather fond of me and hated the princess.

    Then I entered the forest and calmed down completely. There's just something about a forest that always calms you down. The chirping of the birds was like music to my pointed ears. The sounds of the animals scurrying and running about made me feel content in nature's world. No noisy humans, no shrieking that something is wrong. Nothing could be better. Then I heard groaning.
    I followed my ears and found what had been making the noise. It had been a young man, wounded and lying on the ground. I sat down and checked his pulse. He was alive. That was good. He was richly dressed and quite handsome. No, he can't be... I thought, shaking my head with doubt. There was no way this was the missing prince. That kind of thing only happened in books. Not in real life.
    But whoever he was, I helped him up and let him lean on me for support. He groaned a bit, but that didn't matter. He needed.

    All the way to the castle, the man groaned with pain and didn't move unless I helped. If I was correct, then judging by his condition, he had broken both his right leg and his left arm. "Damn, what have you gotten yourself into?" I whispered, the castle now in sight. The guards let us in and we slowly made progress to the infirmary.