• Eva Lesseto was 14 when it happened. The world plunged into darkness. The light disappeared.

    Eva was from an unknown family. At least to humans. She was born to a race we call angels, they call Varidians. Like most of her race, Eva had swan-like wings, unlike the opposite race of Desariens (devils) who had bat-like wings. Four years before, a great depression fell over the Varidians. Devils took over. Darkness over fell. Varidians were forced to hide.

    Jet Desent was of the rising. A noble of pure darkness. A killer of light.

    Jet was different. From you, me, everyone else we know. He was a Desarien. A devil. He was used to the “Bring darkness to the world”, and “Get rid of light”, but he never actually thought that they’d take over the world. He had never liked his race, and he had always loved light. But now things are different. Now Desarians ruled. Light was not to be found.