• -In Elizabeth's Father's Study-
    Alexander: *Has an irritated look on his face* These books suck, I have much better ones at my mansion!
    Alexander: *throws book*
    Elizabeth: Shut up! It's only for a week. We're going to my father's funeral, so stop complaining!
    Alexander: Why did you invite me then? You had tons other you could've invited.
    Elizabeth: Trust me, I didn't want to invite you.
    Alexander: Then why did you?
    Elizabeth: ...I-
    Utsuhi: *knocks on window* Hey!!! How's the happy couple?
    Alexander: Who's a couple?!
    Elizabeth: Yea you insolent being. Get out of here!
    Utsuhi: But you didn't invite me to the funeral...
    Elizabeth: That's because I don't want to!
    Utsuhi: But...but.. Alex...
    Alexander: Don't shorten my name! Get out of here you idiot!
    Utsuhi: Fine! ;.; Goodbye! *goes away*
    Alexander: That idiot... *leaves room*
    Elizabeth: We leave in the morning, get ready by then.

    *cough the beginning was improvised by me cause we weren't chatting on AIM fo the beginning so I forgot it cough*

    -In Elizabeth's Room at night-

    Elizabeth: -pacing about the bedroom- Ugh, how am I going to live through this week without killing that idiot?!
    Crow: Caw caw!
    Elizabeth: (( O.o wtf? Loll )) -looks outside frowning- Stupid bird... -returns to pacing- He better keep his thoughts to himself for the most part, if he sets me off too much I'll end up going to the funeral alone. -madder as she drags on about the subject-
    Nao: (lol...so obvious when a girl thinks that way in a love story XD)
    Syn: ( xD Yeah, I'm not used to playing as them though so meh. xDDDD )
    Nao: (no its fine)
    Nao): *an arrow crashes through the window nearly hitting Elizabeth*
    Nao: (o.0)
    Elizabeth: -turned on her heel- What the hell?!
    Syn: (( O.o ))
    Nao: (turned on her heel?)
    Nao: (wa?)
    Syn: ((Like she spinned on her foot xD))
    Nao: (o)
    Alexander: *door suddenly opens* what happened here?!
    Alexander: *sees arrow* are you okay?!
    Elizabeth: -turns back to face him- Yes I'm fine, but I don't know what the hell just happened. Suddenly all I heard was the glass break and I felt something whiz past my cheek...
    Alexander: I think someone's trying to assassinate you.
    Elizabeth: Why in the world would someone want to do that? -scowls-
    Alexander: Maybe because your father just died and they want to steal your wealth
    Elizabeth: Well if they want it their going to have one hell of a fight. -crosses arms-
    Alexander: Don't think that a little girl like you can actually win *grins*
    Elizabeth): -eye twitches slightly- little girl?! Do you think because I'm a woman that I won't be able to win?! -stomps over and glared at him, ready to fight- (( Loll. She reminds me of Ed xDDDD ))
    Nao: (lol)
    Alexander: *turns face sideways and snickers*
    Elizabeth: Well, are you going to answer my question ro are you going to just stand there looking like an idiot *fuming*
    Alexander: *looks outside window with a serious face*
    Alexander: It cant be...
    Elizabeth: -blinks and has a slightly confused expression- What is it?.... -looks out broken window-
    Alexander: It's...it's nothing.
    Alexander: Go back to sleep.
    Alexander: *walks out*
    Elizabeth: -frowns and walks out of room after him- I wasn't ever asleep. Tell me what you were talking about.
    Alexander: I told you, its nothing!
    Alexander: *walks faster*
    Elizabeth: -grabs some of shirt- Tell me now. If you think someone's trying to assassinate me, I deserve the right to know information about it!
    Alexander: *pushes her*
    Alexander: It has nothing to do with you!
    Elizabeth: -catches self from falling on rear- Obviously it does if they were trying to kill me!
    Alexander: Fine!
    Alexander: Just be sure to never listen to a crow's caw.
    Alexander: It tells of danger coming.
    Elizabeth: -frowns again- ... I heard a crow before that arrow was shot...
    Alexander: Exactly, next time, immediately cover your ears and duck.
    Alexander: Now go back to your room!
    Nao: (how am i doing?)
    Elizabeth: . . . Are you sure it'd be safe to go back there?.... ( Good for not RPing in three years, loll. :3 )
    Alexander: Why? Does the little girl want to sleep next to me? (really? biggrin )
    Elizabeth: ( Yep! 8D ) No, but I don't want my life in danger either. -scowls- Plus, if the assassin nowwhere my room is, who's to say they won;t try to get in or something and do it while I'm asleep other than risk missing with an arrow?
    Alexander: Fine then, stay with me, I'll be sure to watch you

    -next day-

    Syn: (*started reading World Only God Knows- I decided to give it a try, loll. )
    Nao: (haha I read that)
    Nao: (*coloring lambos lineart*)
    Elizabeth: -yawns and sits up- Did I fall asleep?... -mumbling mostly to self, rubbing eyes-
    Syn: (( Loll. ))
    Nao: *Alexander is just sitting there staring out the window*
    Elizabeth: -wondering what he's doing here, then remembers assassin from night before- Ah... Um, did anything happen while I was asleep?...
    Alexander: Yes
    Alexander: You were snoring loudly like a wild hog.
    Alexander: I couldn't even think.
    Elizabeth: -glares- Haha, very funny. -punches lightly upside the head and runs fingers through hair-
    Nao: (who's hair? o.0)
    Syn: ((Loll, no one, I was saying that she was running her fingers through her hair. I just shortened it xDDD ))
    Nao: (o haha)
    Alexander: *sighs*
    Syn: ((Loll. ))
    Alexander: how many more days till the funeral?
    Nao: ( : )
    Alexander): Princess?
    Elizabeth: -blinks and stares- 6 days. Why?
    Alexander: DAMN!
    Alexander: That's too damn long!
    Alexander: Make it quicker!
    Elizabeth: -smirks- Trust me, I would if I could... Well I'm going to eat breakfast. Start packing your things, we'll be going on a three day trip to my fathers where the funeral is going to be. -begins to leave the room-
    Alexander: Damn you (insert bad guy name here XD), I won't let you harm her!
    Alexander: *packs up and walks out*

    Syn: (( Time skip to when they get ready to leave 8D Loll ))

    Nao: (ok)
    Nao: (lol)
    Elizabeth: You ready? -holding a smallish bag in each hand-
    Alexander: You're carrying awfully little for a little miss rich girl.
    Elizabeth: Just because I'm wealthy doesn't mean I'm a brat that focuses on just clothing and material goods. I hate girls like that. -walks out of the front door and waits for their traveling carriage to pull up-
    Alexander: *shrugs and follows her*
    Alexander: You know the way right?
    Elizabeth: I do, but I'm not driving. -smirks slightly and gets into carriage-
    Alexander: ...
    Alexander: *gets in*
    Utsuhi: HEEEY!!!
    Utsuhi: Wait up!!!! I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!
    Utsuhi: *jumps into carriage just before the door closes*
    Alexander: WTH are u doing in here?
    Elizabeth: -glares- I won't resist pushing you out of here....
    Utsuhi: *smiles*
    Utsuhi: Aw c'mon, ojousama, don't be like that.
    Utsuhi: I'm perfectly harmless, right Alex?
    Alexander: Don't shorten my name, and I'm not helping you.
    Elizabeth: -mutters- perfectly brainless...
    Alexander: just hurry up with the ride
    Alexander: GET MOVING DRIVER!
    Driver: yes of course!
    Nao: (im starting to get tired >.< )
    Elizabeth: -sighs- Now why do you insist on coming?... -looks a Utsushi-
    Utsuhi: 'Cause I'm lonely...
    Syn: ( Loll > 3< )
    Utsuhi: You can't just leave me here!
    Utsuhi: All alone and all!
    Elizabeth: Yes I can, it's my house. -blinks-
    Utsuhi: But we're in the carriage, not the house biggrin
    Alexander: That's true.
    Elizabeth: It's my carriage too you twit! -glares at both of them-
    Alexander & Utsuhi: *both turns away*
    Utsuhi: Um.. how long is the car ride anyways?
    Elizabeth: Three days.
    Utsuhi: Th-three days?!
    Utsuhi: That's way too long!
    Elizabeth: What? I thought you wanted to come -grins-
    Utsuhi: Ugh... *unsatisfying smile*
    Alexander: That's your fault idiot.
    Utsuhi: i guess so... ;.;
    Utsuhi: *completely different change in tone* Who wants to gamble?!
    Alexander: *kicks Utsuhi in the face*
    Elizabeth: -watches bluntly-
    Nao: (gah! i cant think of anything else!)
    Syn: (Loll. xD)
    Nao: can u ?
    Syn: (Uhm, lemme see... )
    Elizabeth: Utsuhi, are you sure you still want to come? It's going to be very boring here.
    Utsuhi: Positive!
    Utsuhi: I want to see if you two will get together!!
    Alexander: *kicks him again*
    Alexander: what makes u think that we'll ever get intimate?!
    Alexander: and do u think I can ever fall for this monster?!
    Elizabeth: -stands and gets ready to punch Utsushi but stops and glares at Alexander- Oh I'm a monster now!?
    Elizabeth: *stands
    Alexander: *sigh*
    Alexander: this is going to be a loooong ride...
    Nao: (my eyes are starting to go out on me >.< ((Yes it was about 4:30 AM)))
    Elizabeth: -sits down- Feh, we haven't even left the town yet...
    Elizabeth: ><
    Utsuhi: Hey your rite!
    Utsuhi: I see the ice cream shop!!!
    Utsuhi: Can we stop there?!
    Elizabeth: No
    Utsuhi: Aw why not ojousama?
    Elizabeth: Because we don't have the time to make petty little stops like that
    Utsuhi: But but but!! ;.;
    Nao: *BOOM!*
    Nao: *something hits the carriage*
    Nao: (lol)
    Elizabeth: No buts, just shut the-
    Syn: ((Loll xD ))
    Alexander: *immediately jumps out*
    Crow: CAW CAW
    Elizabeth: What the hell now?! -nearly falls out of seat-
    Elizabeth: -ducks and covers ears-
    Nao: *yards away is a vampire completely in black*
    Vampire: hey there, long time no see, Alexander...
    Alexander: Damn you! You should've died that day!
    Vampire: Yet, I'm still alive aren't I? This is just a warm greeting, bye.
    Nao: *swarms of vampires attack them*
    Nao: (>.< wink
    Syn: (> 3< wink
    Nao: (um..)

    Nao: *fighting occurs XD*

    Syn: (xDD)
    Nao: *half of the vampires goes after Elizabeth*
    Alexander: Elizabeth!
    Utsuhi: I'll protect you!!!
    Utsuhi: Ow...that hurt!! crying
    Elizabeth: -wondering whats going on and looks around-Utsushi!?
    Utsuhi: *uses some kind of power to blast them away*
    Utsuhi: Your safe for now ojousama!
    Utsuhi: *winks*
    Elizabeth: What the hell was that?! What'd you just do?!
    Utsuhi: That's a secret, you'd better get out of here fast.
    Utsuhi: Let us take care of them, well catch up later.
    Elizabeth: -looks at suspiciously and gets up and runs away-
    Utsuhi: I meant in the carriage!
    Utsuhi: Its not badly damaged!
    Utsuhi: Still ridable.
    Syn: (( I was in the carriage though, loll ))
    Nao: (u said runs away)
    Nao: (o.0)
    Syn: ((Just ignore that then, loll. xDDD I know, but I thought Utsuhi and I were still in the carriage after it was attacked xD ))
    Nao: (utsuhi went out to protect her :O)
    Nao: (and the carriage)
    Syn: ((oh, okay xD))
    Nao: *ok so the carriage rides away*

    -minutes later...-

    Nao: (ur turn plz)
    Nao: (make up a char or something iunno)
    Syn: ((Loll, k.))
    Elizabeth: Driver, do you know what the hell that was all about?!
    Driver: No, ma'am I don't...
    Elizabeth: -sighs- those two better tell me when they get back... or so help me.
    Nao: (do u think this is interesting?)
    Syn: ((yes, it's entertaining me, loll. ))
    Nao: (haha)
    Nao: *a loud noise is heard near the carriage*
    Elizabeth: -hopes it's one of those two idiots- Driver, what was that?
    Driver: uh .. its...
    Alexander: Elizabeth...don't freak out okay?
    Elizabeth: -sighs in relief- Fine whatever, just get your asses in here...
    Alexander & Utsuhi: *they both walk towards the window of the carriage*
    Alexander & Utsuhi: *both covered in blood and mild bruises*
    Elizabeth: -wants to shout, but doesn't though sounds worried- Are you two okay?...
    Alexander: We're vampires, we can heal fast.
    Elizabeth: -frowns- Is this one of your stupid jokes?....
    Utsuhi: Ahaha...
    Utsuhi: How did u know ojousama?
    Utsuhi: Ow.. (quietly)
    Elizabeth: -stares at suspiciously-
    Utsuhi: *smiles*
    Driver: Yes sir! -begins driving again-
    Elizabeth: What was with those people, Alexander?....
    Alexander: Its...just an old friend saying hello, nothing to worry about.
    Elizabeth: Old friend my a**, I heard the damn crow! -nearly shouts-
    Alexander: Do you really not believe in me?!
    Elizabeth: You told me last night that a crow meant bad things were going to happen! How am I supposed to when you say it's nothing to worry about?!
    Alexander: Its nothing for you to worry about
    Alexander: It doesn't involve a human like you
    Niomai Miyoko (4:50:46 AM): U-h hey...Alex isnt that kinda harsh?
    Alexander: Not at all.
    Alexander: Mind ur own business.
    Elizabeth: -clenches fists- You know what you are Alexander! You're a hypocrite! You tell me last night it means danger, someones trying to kill me, and now you're tlling me that when I hear the same noise that I heard before I was shot at, that it's a little greeting from an old friend and that I don't need to worry! Driver! Stop the carriage! I'm sending word to my mother that I won't be coming to the funeral!
    Nao: (getting really tired)
    Driver/Syn: Uh... yes ma'am... ( alright, you don't have to stay on, loll xD )
    Alexander: I only said it might be an assassin! Don't you dare half heartedly just leave in the middle of it! You made me go to this so called funeral for your father! A brat, you're just a brat acting selfishly. You really don't understand anything do you?!
    Alexander: *gets out of carriage and flies away*
    Elizabeth: NO! I dont! It's because you won't tell me anything! -shouts before he leaves- That idiot... -leaves the carriage with bags but doesn't know whether to go back to house or not-
    Utsuhi: ...
    Utsuhi: I guess I'll get going since the field trip's off.
    Utsuhi: I'm sorry for bothering you Ojousama.
    Utsuhi: *follows Alex*
    Utsuhi: Hey Alex!
    Utsuhi: Don't you think that was really mean?!
    Utsuhi: Are you sure this is the best way?
    Alexander: I'm sure. Even if it must mean hurting her that way, I don't want her in any danger.
    Alexander: I have to stop him before he does anything else.
    Nao: (and im done for this scene)