• I wiped away the tears, and I listened. The oars were near shore, the sky a dark black. I could see fine with my eyes. I gathered my powers as they docked on the beach. We crept through the little tree's seperating us from them, and I shot my sword in the air. Kalvin stared at it, and ducked down, realising the signal.

    The air exploded, knocking the attackers to the sand, the katana came back down, but this time it was ablaze. My dress was a firery blood red, absorbing my feelings; sadness, anger, and hope. My hair was wild and now black, something new. My eyes were a vivid blood red, making the fleet cower in fear. Of course right now I looked like the godess I am, but if I had to use the other one, well, I'll look very different. Kalvin got up and got his hands ready. I looked at him and he winked.

    The fleet charged at us, and Kalvin screamed a word that made the markings on my dress glow. That did not reassure me. He was a blurr as he moved his hands, throwing fire at the men and their boat. I slashed one after the other, my cape belowing out behind me, a black as dark as night. I looked for him, and saw Kalvin pinned to the ground, a good five men with swords at his throat.

    That did it.

    I screamed, and the markings shot red then black, and exploded off my clothes. A fire wall surrounded me, and was tight around my figure. The fire dissapeared, but did not entireley go away. Instead of wearing clothes, fire covered my chest and my hip to my thigh was also covered in fire. My hair was a vivid red black as it tried to grab on to any plant life or item. My eyes were a midnight black, my cloak replaced by fire, while the wind picked up.

    The wind knocked them all down, and I pointed one by one at the crew. They burned on sight, and it was soon over. But I had one more thing to do. I pointed at the distant ship, and it burst into flames and sank to the seabed. No survivors. I colapsed to the ground, and heard Kalvin come sit next to me.

    " Goldfire, you are not allowed to die, you hear me? Stay. Please." His voice shuddered.
    " I did it." My croak of a voice whispered. " I saved you. Kalvin, I love you. Kalvin, be safe and I love you..." The scene went black, as I heared his voice for the last time;
    " Goldfire! No! Wait, stay with me..."

    The new scene was my throneroom, and a council was placed. I was in deep s**t.
    " Goldfire, you have put a disgrace to your name, how do you pledge?" Mithros boomed.
    " Guilty. But is it guilty do do what you needed to do for the one you loved? Was it a crime for me to love?"
    " No. But you must choose: stay a godess, start over before any of this happened. Or go back, let him revive you and continue on?"
    " Mithros, I want to be with the one I love. But I also want to stay what I am. If I didn't save him." I gulped and tried not to immagine.
    " Alright, you may go back, but you must not make any other mistakes like this, or else you may never get another option."
    " Thank-you."
    A bright light, and I felt pressure on my chest.

    " Goldfire? Come on."
    Lips pressed on mine as he tried to give me air. He must've tried the revive already, I thought.
    I brought my arm up while his face was on mine, and forced his face to stick to mine. His shoulders slackened, and he picked up my shoulders and brought me back to a sitting position. He didn't break the kiss, but instead pressed his face harder to mine. I felt his hands feel me on my back, to make sure it was me. I responded to his kiss, and suddenly I was on him. He laughed.
    " Your alive." He sighed on my lips. His lips parted, and I could taste him on my tongue.
    " Always for you." I murmured, and I tangled my hands in his hair. " Forever now, Nothing shall keep me from you ever again." We rolled, and he was on me.
    " Never again? Forever now, just you and me? No more of these battles?"
    " None. Just you and me." I kissed him hard, and his shirt ripped a little.
    " Finally, now I can love you the right way."
    " Less talking." I whispered, " More kissing."

    We stopped at sunrise, on the sand, staring at one another. We hadn't moved an inch, without counting what we had done.
    " Goldfire." He whispered. He pressed himself closer to me, my head on his chest.
    " Mmm?" I answered. I was at ease.
    " How about we go into the cave before someone comes?" He chuckled a bit.
    " I guess we have to." I didn't want to move, it was perfect. But we got up and picked up our clothes, put them on hastly, and ran to the cave. It's like we didn't ever want to let each other go, for he pulled me to him, and we were once again on the floor, our bodies tangled into one.

    Right now, we didn't care,
    It was only us two.
    Him and me,
    Loving more than ever.

    We were stupid that way,
    We should've thought.
    The god was mad,
    For the god wanted me.

    That crush was something new,
    Kalvin was mine.
    Mithros wanted him gone,
    And for all i knew, he was going to suceed.

    Unless I stopped him.