• It was all like a dream…or, more like a nightmare. Why was I chosen? I didn’t do anything but said something that apparently offended them.
    Anyway right about now I bet your wondering why I’m ranting like an idiot, but I’ll explain that later. My name is Dianna A. Grimm, the “A” stands for “Alexandra”. I’m 13 years old, and my life turned upside-down went I met him. The cutest guy that I’ve met in a long time.
    Ryan S. Banks. Just his presence makes girls go gaga. I swear he is, like an angel, or that’s what all the quote and quote “fan-girls” say. It’s really stupid when you really think about it.
    Oops losing my train of thought. I thought that someone as cool as him shouldn’t talk to a nobody like me. He’s so popular that most of the girls in my school, Menifee Valley Middle School, started a fan-club. No, not a fan-club, a cult. Too much cartoons maybe? I think so. If they start calling him “Prince Ryan” I’m gonna get the makers of “Fruits Basket” to sue them.
    Anyway my father sent me away from cool Oklahoma to a frickin desert. My mom lives in southern California and I have to stay there for a little while because I was “depressed”. Bull. Crap. God its hot here and I’d give anything to get away from all those squealing fan-club girls. What I’d give for a trip to the sunny beaches of Orange County. It’s really boring here in all honesty. I’d unpacked a while ago and I didn’t bring much just what I needed, like clothes and shoes and stuff.
    Ok, ok enough of that, back to Ryan. I knew there was something odd about him. When I really looked at him…I saw just him. No friends hanging around with him, no girls crowding around like in the cartoons. Just a boy sitting in his seat, staring out into space. But I’ve got to admit, he is hot. During nutrition he walked up to me and I finally got to hear his voice, sweet, almost melting me as he greeted me.
    “Hello, I’m Ryan Banks.” His soft voice said to me.
    “Uh…hi, I’m Dianna Grimm” I replied shakily. His eyes looked like they were sapphires glistening in the sunlight. My heart nearly stopped at his beauty, his hotness was over whelming. I nearly fell off the bench I was sitting at. But, luckily I’d made friends already so they caught me.
    “Dianna! Are you okay?” One of them said to me as I started to fall.
    “Yeah, yeah I’m fine just a little lightheaded” I mumbled. One of the friends I made, Ayaka Kitsune, caught me. She looked at me in distress.
    “Do you want to go to the nurse or something?” Another one of my new guy friends, Kyle Might, asked me. This time I looked at him “Yes guys I’m okay, I just need some water or milk” I said trying to comfort them.
    Next thing I knew there was a chocolate milk in front of me. I looked up and saw Ryan holding it. I noticed that he had dark skin, like he was from the really sunny states.
    “You look like you just saw a ghost” Ayaka said to me.
    “Am I really that white?” I asked warily. My body, trembling thinking, no, knowing there was something wrong.
    I can sense if there is something wrong. A creature, anything, I would feel it, sorta like having a sixth sense.
    But this time it was toward Ryan. I could tell that he was hiding something and I was gonna figure out what it was, but until then I was stuck in the nurse’s office, yeah, they dragged me all the way there.
    I already hate it here. That’s what I thought to myself as I sat on the chair in the nurses office.
    “I already told you…I’m fine. I just felt a little dehydrated that’s all!” I yelled at the nurse.
    “That’s not what your temperature says” She said back to me. I’m stuck here until she lets me go.
    “I have a naturally high temperature” I told her in anger. 99.3 degrees. She looked at me like I was crazy. I slumped in my chair. Then I felt something behind me and I shuddered. Not like the shudder you get when you’re cold, more like the shudder you get when it feels like you’re being watched.
    I looked behind me and I saw another kid, a really white skinned kid, glaring at me. I swear it felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest it was beating so fast, and hard too.
    “Excuse me, but who is that kid right there?” I asked the nurse
    “Oh, he’s Cody Sohma. Why?” She said back.
    “Because he’s staring at me like I did something wrong. Did I offended him?” I asked concerned.
    I already pissed off a lot of people as of my first day. I’m really independent and I start crap, NOT MY FAULT!! They just really easy to piss off. I’m still surprised that I’ve made at least one friend today let alone three.
    Then Ryan walked in and gave him a dirty look. Then I saw something really odd. Cody looked like he was gonna kill him later, and it looked like he grew…fangs! “Holy crap” I said to myself, a little too loud though.
    “Excuse me?” the nurse scolded me.
    “Oh nothing, just talking to myself” I saved my butt in that last sentence, but I made myself look like I was crazy.
    I looked at Ryan and saw nothing but him, and his eyes had gone from a turquoise blue to a hazel color. Both of them gave each other mean looks. And I swear I saw Ryan’s skin crawl, like, how I saw Cody’s teeth grow from regular canines to fangs. Funny how I notice those little things, huh?
    When I walked out of the nurses office I saw Cody talking to the lady at the front desk. (And I know I suck at telling what happened but bear with me here.) I felt that there was something strange about him too, like how I felt with Ryan. Anyway I felt strange around them both for those who don’t get it yet.
    “Dianna! Hey, Dianna! Wait up!” I heard someone yell my name. I looked and lo and behold, my mom’s friend’s son, Danny!
    “Danny? Wow! Dude, you grew!” I yelled back at him. I ran over to him and hugged him. He’s a skinny little boy with all the childness that people love about him and he has an ADORABLE British accent.
    “Die-Dianna, I cant breathe”
    “Oh!” I dropped him “Sorry” I said sheepishly. Ouch that must of hurt. My heart sank when I saw him start to cry. He’s only like, 9 and he’s really sensitive.
    “Hey, Danny… have you seen my mom?” I asked him.
    “No I haven’t actually, sorry” He said and his accent nearly made me burst out and squeeze him. HE IS JUST SO FRICKEN ADORABLE!!!
    “Hey, Dianna…” Danny started.
    “Yeah Danny?” I asked, waiting for him to continue.
    “I don’t like the boys you were staring at, I’ve heard rumors about them that are really scary.” Danny said to me. I was surprised that a 9 year-old boy knew about some 13 year-old guys that go to my school.
    “Don’t worry Danny, I know that there’s something up with them and I’m gonna find out kay?” I assured him, my voice was firm, like I was scolding my little sister, Anna.
    “Be careful, I think they’re dangerous” Danny said obviously scared for me.
    Danny sorta has a sixth sense too, sorta like mine but he just feels it. He doesn’t shudder like I do.
    The next day, Ryan, did something that really pissed me off. He walked up to me and right in front of my friends (Cody was standing off in the corner avoiding me like a lot of people I already pissed off [and my friends pulled a prank and asked me if I stabbed him in the arm like how I did with them]) grabbed my arm and he pulled me close to him and KISSED me! He was so warm I nearly started to sweat( which I don’t do often). My older sister, Jennifer, just happened to see this happen WTF right? I just saw the angriest look on her face as she came to tell me mom‘s here.
    To protect him(and me) I pushed him off. Oh my God, I was so red, my face looked like a lobster.
    “GET THE HECK OFF OF ME!” I squealed, my friends yanking him off of me. Then he did something that made me both mad and surprised.
    “Dianna, would you go out with me?” HE ASKED ME OUT! Then, of course, being that “faint of heart” that I am, I passed out. My “overly protective” sister was the first to help me and I hope to God that Ryan isn’t dead. When I woke up I was in the nurses office. I already memorized the nurses name.
    “Hey, Annie, how did I get here?” I asked her. I looked around and I saw Cody standing at the door.
    “Co-Cody? What are you doing here?” I asked sheepishly. “And about before, did I do something to make you mad? If I did I’m…” Cody cut me off putting his finger to my mouth. HIS HANDS WERE SO HARD AND COLD! I swear his hands were like icy stones on my face.
    “Shh, no need. Just get some rest, you fell pretty hard” he told me. Thank God my sister wasn’t there, but I think she knows somehow, scary.
    After school I went for a walk in the mountains. It’s hot here, but it’s really pretty too. The bushes are really cool looking. I cant wait ‘til Spring, my dad said that, in Spring, there’s grass, OMG I didn’t think there was even a possibility of grass, but Jenny insured me there was.
    “Wow it’s pretty up here” I said to myself. But to my surprise I saw Ryan, sitting on a rock, staring out into space.
    “Ryan? What…are you doing here?” I asked him. He looked at me and his eyes were hazel, like that one time in the office. Whoa I thought.
    “The question is…why are you up here?” Ryan said back to me, as if he was trying to get me to go away.
    My anger got the best of me. “Ok, I don’t get you! You kiss me at school and ask me out, and now…! Listen, if there’s something bugging you, you can tell me. But I know there’s something up with you, and I’m gonna find out what it is Ryan Banks”
    “MIND YOUR OWN BISNESS!” he yelled. I was surprised, I never heard him yell before. He started to run away and I followed him. Big mistake. I saw what was bugging me about him. I watched his skin crawl and he transformed into a wolf, a really big wolf.
    “Oh. My. God. Were-werewolf” I gasped. Doing that wrong thing from what I learned, which is to NOT run from a predator, I ran like the idiot I am. In a matter of seconds he caught up to me. And luckily, I’m a real big klutz, so I tripped and his jaws just missed me by a fraction of an inch.
    I looked up to see if I was dreaming. Nope. I looked at him and saw his menacing teeth. Instinctively I screamed. I heard it echo throughout the mountains. There I lied, flat on the ground, my face frozen with fear. His snarls in my ear, I was staring death in the face. I felt his warm breath on my face and I suddenly felt light-headed and I fainted.
    Semi-conscious, I felt him grab me with his teeth. My body was limp so I couldn’t move and struggle to get out of his menacing grip. His grip was soft and gentle, like he wasn’t trying to hurt me.
    Ever so slowly I felt the menacing jaws turn into his warm comforting hands. Almost instantly as I felt his warm arms caressing my semiconscious body, my eyes slowly came open. Looking at him I realized that his clothes were completely shredded because of the transformation.
    I immediately jumped out of his arms, in fear of him doing it again. Everywhere was trebling because of the genuine fear and adrenalin coursing through my veins.
    “please, don’t be afraid…” he tried to comfort me.
    “you’re a-a werewolf…why should I trust you?” I muttered.
    He looked at me as if to say sorry. I glared back at him. I was not one to forgive something like that.
    His pleading eyes captured me. I had close my eyes in order to keep a strait face. What I really wanted to do is give him a hug and say how I really feel.
    My heart was pounding. I’m sure he could hear it. Since, he’s a wolf-thing and such.
    “I know you’re angry at me…but trust me on this, I would never do anything to do you any harm.” he said firmly.
    “ Why don’t I believe you then” I said coldly.
    I saw him and I saw Danny, a little kid troubled by something. And then…out of nowhere I hugged him. Just out of the blue.
    “I promise I wont let anything hurt you” he told me as he hugged me back. His warm arms almost made me fall asleep.
    “ What did you mean about ‘I know there’s something about you’?” he asked.
    “Oh, I sorta have a sixth sense” I said without thinking. I’m a idiot…note to self, don’t tell werewolves secrets.
    “So did you feel anything around Cody?” he asked after a few seconds had passed.
    “yeah why do you ask?” I asked not paying attention to him as he stopped. Reacting instinctively I stopped too, tensed. Waiting for him to transform. Just a few feet a head of him I could feel him trembling.
    “Like, what? What did you feel?” he asked still trembling.
    I spun in a circle to face him. “I. Don’t. Know. I cant identify what I feel, I just feel that there is something out of the ordinary. Like right now, I feel that there’s someone hiding the bush behind me…” then I realized what I just said. “oh wait…” I looked behind me and I saw Cody rise from the bush.
    “wow that’s some talent you got…anyone else have it?” he asked. I never realized it before but now, he smells really good. I looked over to Ryan only to see him plugging his nose…could his sense of smell have the sweet aroma of Cody hurt?
    In order to protect Danny from what ever was happening I lied. “no, it’s only me” I lied. My voice was filled with malice.
    “why do you have to make this hard for me Dianna?” his velvet voice rang in my ears. Could he tell I was lying?
    “I wont tell you anything Cody, unless you tell me why I feel strange around you” I said angrily. I could feel the spite in Ryan’s eyes while he was glaring at him.
    “I’m afraid I cant tell you that…or else you would get scared and run away” he said almost apologetically, with a hint of teasing in his voice.
    I started to back up slowly. Again, I tripped. I landed on something sharp, I don’t know what it was but it made me bleed.
    Then, everything happened in a big blur. First I was looking at my hand, next I felt like I was thrown a couple hundred feet. In the process I scraped my leg and I think I broke my finger.
    “DIANNA RUN!” I heard Ryan yell. Then I heard a big rip from a tough fabric and a loud bark. Then I heard a low hiss slash growl thing.
    Crap, crap! I got to get away, and fast. I thought as I started to run towards my house. 1 problem I didn’t think about…then gigantic wolf and the thing from outer space (as I like to call it).
    Bloodsucker? Could he mean vampire? Could be why he went psycho when I started to bleed. That would explain a lot too.
    All my rage pent up and exploded. “ENOUGH! I am sick and tired of idiots fighting! That’s how I got sent to this god forsaken place! And for what? For to guys to be fighting to the death? I for one will not stand here to watch you retards fight!” I screamed. My throat hurt from doing it. But my adrenalin was pumping and I was not gonna stop. Tears streamed down my face.
    Then, out of nowhere I saw Cody in front of me. Thank god I stopped bleeding before my rant. Though I still think he could smell my dried up blood all over my arm.
    “Why do you have a death wish Dianna? That only makes it harder on me.” he said nonchalant.
    “YOU WONT LAY A FINGER ON HER!” Ryan shouted from behind him. He put his icy hand on my face. Out of nowhere I burst into flames.
    “What the hell?” I said to myself. I was on fire, but I wasn’t getting burned.
    “I knew there was something odd about you. You’re a witch.” Cody smirked. I felt like I could kill him but I knew that I would probably lose. He was about, 3000 times stronger than me, maybe more.
    I didn’t know what to do. I had no more options that I could think of. I was at the end of my rope. I really thought I was gonna die.
    “If you’re gonna kill me then just do it and get it over with” I said coldly. I looked at his face. Tears streamed down mine. I glanced over to Ryan. His eyes were wide with surprise.