In the year 2000 on the planet EAR X 14 , professor Phil banner leading professor and archaeologist in the world found a mountain full of a stone like ruby.It was a power ruby it gave the person weilding it would be gifted with super strength, speed, and a unique power of they're own.NOW Phil made millions in the millitary the soildiers called them circles.Phil had two sons Theo(15) and Jake(13)they both wanted to go on adventures like they're father.But one day they're father didn't come back from one of his trips. Now Theo and Jake were the only thing they had. When the will was read Theo got a circle and Jake got two letters and the deed to the pent house(they called it the safe house) they went to in the summer. A week later Theo did research on the circle and want to know it's special power. So he tried something his father did along time ago before he (so called)died.He needed his brother's help to it. They're father called it ciryro sphere one of the most powerful way to harnest the true power of a circle. It took day to prepare for it but they got it ready. When they did it burned Theo's right arm and Jake's body was slit in half and one was burned then the house stared to burn.

    Theo walks up in the safe house and he don't fell his right arm and the two letters that were given to Jake. He lifted his arm and saw it wasn't his arm it was covered in metal. Some one started to open the door, Theo jumped up at the door and a felid of lighting formed over his new arm and attacked he person that walked though the door. He took a look the person walking though the door and froze in the air when he found out it was his childhood friend and his father's first assistant his name is oliver jones but everyone calls her spinner(if any one would know as much as Phil would about circles it would be him). Hours later they started to talk about what happened inside the house. spinner told him that it was they're falt that the accednt happened to them because of the power of the circle was to much for them to control. Theo asked where it was and he felt a powerful spark on the side of his upper conner of his chest. He open his shirt and saw the circle his father gave to him welled into chest he guested it was welled in his chest during the inncedent. Then a other question arose where was Jake... he lead him to a room in the safe house the lights started to dim and they were at the door at a end of the hall. spinner opened the door and let showed him to the door Theo couldn't see who was in it untill he removed the sheets in the bed. It was his brother with half of his body cut off the other half made of some kind of metal in the formed into a knight armer. One arm was completely covered in metal and the other arm was only covering the fingers to the elbow, both of his legs were covered. Jake's chest was mostly covered his face was fully covered in metal. Theo turned to spinner and asked a lot of questions. Q: what is on my brother A: mentalleuiom the metal that your father developed it is almost indistoricable. Q: is that what's on my arm A: yes Q: can my arm do anything special Q: yeah, it can act as a grapple and it can turn into an ajustable blade. Then Jake starts to wake and trying to give the two letters from the will. Theo takes it and walks out and found the west wing of the house and asked spinner ''who did it''..............

    2 miles from the pent house there was a bar were a group of men called the slagen gang were braging about the house they almost burned down, and right in the middle of the conversation there was a big exblotion and from the smoke come Theo. every one in the bar was going to try to jump him but he took them out before they even got close. He rushes to the men that were talking one pulled out a gun and the other pulled out a circle and impower it and starts a fire in the bar. Theo bent the gun with his mentalleuiom arm and broke the man's hand. The other man started to throw fire balls , Theo doughed them and right before he attach the circle that was in his chest glowed dark red. The man noticed it and was distracked by it and was hit by a lighting punch from Theo, and died instently. Theo walked out and let the bar burn to the ground. Back at the safe house Jake starts to fully wakes up and walking every where ,then wonders if he and his brother got powers like they planed. So he walk out side and sees Theo walking over to the safe house , he walks past him heading toward the house. When he walks in the room looking for something. spinner walks in and asks what he's doing , he was looking for the two letters she gave him them. LETTER 1: my sons i've got you and myself in a lot of problems now that only you two can fix,of course you must know that i can't because i'm dead..i've been working on some new things lately and now
    i can't control it .i used to keep a white circle if you're reading this Theo you must already have it .That circle you have is the most unique circle ever i have ever discovered (probably the most powerful one too),the circle's true power of are shown through fear,anger,and agrovation but back to the problems. They're are a lot thing you must do to set things right , i'm pretty sure you don't know this so here it goes there is that started closed to when you two were first born.It's the first civil war EAR X 14 has ever had you two have to join the war and become 1 rate county soldiers after that you have to meet 1 captain bradly .That not the most improtant things i need you to do,first you must stop my latest creaction THE DARK KNIGHTS a group of androids that got out of hand and can absorbed the power of a circle they live in east mountains.that is the first obstacle you must over come afterward you must the CREED the man who i fear who will kill me. Before you do those things you must meet my good friends in the southern mountain they will help.The second letter was a world map of EAR X 14.When he finished Theo started packing and left with the letters. He walked following the railroad . Days later he notice that he was being follow by two people ,it was spinner and Jake.........

    Theo didn't argue about he didn't have time to argue he kept on walking without saying a word, but Jake and spinner weren't the only ones following Theo. Theo, Jake, and spinner finally got the southern mountains and was greeted by seven men, one man said ''you killed are friend kid and we want pay back.'' They all pulled out guns the others couldn't move or they get shot.Theo felt a spark
    near in his chest but he didn't care he was to busy FEARING for his life then an even more painful spark started up again,then the circle glowed dark red and Theo closed his eyes. His arm turned into short blade and he opened his eyes and had a still look in his eye.Theo dashed toward the men, they started to shot Theo never moved so fasted but he went with it he kept on dashing. Theo cut two men's arm off, three men's leg and the other two fan but stoped by three men and one women they defeeted them in mer seconds.After they were done the four started to walked the way they came. ''wait do you know brother and I's father,professor phil banner''said theo all four of them stoped ''are you theo banner''said one ''yes i am'' then an other said ''oh good ,duck .....''.A huge bolder fell from the sky everyone got seperated and Theo and one of the mesteriouis four jumped at the source and saw a not even 13 year old girl with dirt on her hands, Theo stop when he saw but the other punched her in the face. The man got kicked and punched by the girl and he fell to the ground she jumped and trying to land beside Theo. When she landed the girl throw some punches and Theo couldn't