• -_What’s the matter with me?

    -_I know my dad never loved anyone, but that didn’t give him reason to hate me. He has six other daughters, why me? What was so wrong with me, that wasn’t wrong with my three sisters, or my three half-sisters for that matter?
    -_These are my sisters. Tanya and Amy are someone named Penelope’s daughters, Dana is Rebecca’s, and Nikki, Wendy, and Sara are my sisters. I’ve met Dana once, her mother twice, Tanya four times, and Amy seven times. They are all cool and they say I’m cool and yet my dad hates me still.
    -_He came to visit us all last week, he tried to act like he cared for them, but he took one look at me and didn’t look at me again. Not until everyone was asleep.
    -_I asked him an innocent question and he took a swing at me! I ducked and he went inside. He was gone by morning, and my mom and I agree that that’s fine with us.
    -_I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s Saturday and I get to see all my sisters and Rebecca. Penelope won't come, and it’s a wonder she didn’t put Tanya and Amy up for adoption.
    -_Penelope can’t stand anything that has to do with my dad, even my mom, who hates his guts too. Rebecca tries to hide it, but she still has feelings for my dad, and thus Penelope despises her.

    * * *

    -_Ugh! I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m so mad at Dana! At dinner yesterday, she said that she hadn’t realized how much I looked like our dad. Even though it’s true, after what happened two days ago, I hate to even look like him!

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