Riku ran through a white hall, and suddenly stopped. Where was he? He last rembered waking up to nothingness...but where was The King? He shrugged it off and hoped that he would meet up with The King later. He was more concerened of finding out where he was. He looked around, trying to figure that out. He was in a white room, but it didn’t look familiar.
    “Why were you hoping that this would be familiar?” a voice whispered.
    A very familiar voice.
    “Ansem!” Riku yelled. His old foe had returned. Ansem appered in front of him. “I hope you didn’t think that you wouldn’t need me.” He chuckled. “I don’t need you. Dipart!” Riku drew out his blade and was about to attack when...
    “Stop right where you are!”
    Riku and Ansem both turned around and saw a girl about Riku’s height with short brown hair, wearing a black dress, and holding a silver sword. She pointed the sword at Ansem. “I will now have my revenge here.” She snarled. Ansem looked puzzled. “Who are you?” “Have you so easily forgotten me? I’m Carol, fighter of Moonpool!” “Ah yes, I rember now. I didn’t think that you survived that blow I made.” “Well, now you’ll be the one not surviveing!” Carol started attacking Ansem. Riku shrugged. A refugee from a dead world? Well, she was also against Ansem, so Riku helped out. They both doubled teamed, and attacked. They both put blows to the chest on Ansem, but he summoned up about twenty Shadow Heartless, smiled and dissapered. “Get back here, you ninconpoop!” Carol yelled. “All in good time.” Ansem whispered. Riku, meanwhile defeated all of the Heartless. Carol sighed and turned to Riku. “Who are you? And why did you help me out?” “I’m Riku, and the only reason that I helped you is that we both seem to hate Ansem. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find my friends.” Riku almost ran past her before she yelled, “WAIT!”
    He stopped in his tracks and waited for her to say something. She walked up to him, and smiled. “Thanks for helping me out. I’m looking for my friend too. Maybe we could stick together and find them together!” Riku thought otherwise. A girl would only tie him down, and he wanted to go on alone. “No thanks. But if you see a guy named Sora, tell him that I’ll be fighing with him soon.” “And if you see a boy named Mark, let him know that The moon will die soon.” She ran to the next room. Riku shrugged, and ran on.