Chapter 1- Arrival

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    In deep space, there was a flying spinning 1950's phone box that read "POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX". It looked like an ordinary box but inside was definitely more than a phone box, it was actually a warping spaceship called a Tardis used by the time lords to travel through time. In another dimension, a girl named Kaolla Su found it and has been warping through dimensions since. They were accidents with the Tardis and the team got separated many times. John finds himself alone this time, searching for the 3 girls he cared about. Kaolla Su was one of them. Shinobu Myeahara was another and last was a girl named Nyamo. John was the only adult and male companion among the group. John suddenly hit an asteroid and was forced off track and was warped to an unknown destination with himself unconscious due to the turbulence.
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    Meanwhile, there was a greens filled land called Area Zero where in space where a space colony called Rangarock was crumbling apart and debris crashing to the Earth. A week after this, the Tardis stopped working and shut itself down for self repair. The Tardis teleported into the resistance caravan's storage trailer. Ceil heard the whooshing noises in the trailer and carelessly checked it out. She saw the 1950's police public call box in the trailer along with the cargo. She said to herself "I wonder how this got here. An ancient communications station? What is it doing here?" A reploid resistance solder came to Ceil and said "Miss Ceil, are you alright? What's going on..huh? What's that ancient phone booth doing in our cargo truck? You don't collect these do you miss Ceil?" Ceil replied "No, this just came out of nowhere. And im fine. I want to take a look at this old thing, it may be a bit interesting. The solder said "Ill stay with you this time. Who knows where it came from." Then the 2 touched the box then the light on top of it glowed strangely and a robotic female voice came from nowhere said "NATIVE SCANNING.........COMPLETE. NO SIGNS OF HOSTILE NATURE".

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    Then the doors opened quickly by themselves and to Ceil's and the replod solders shock they see the phone box was actually a spaceship disguised as a phone box and within it, there were alien designed computers all looking brand new with all white and chrome with hologram screens, terminals, and projection devices. The center is where the vortex pipe was and it glowed with strange but smooth calm pleasant light. On the floor was a human lying on the floor barely conscious. It was none other than John himself getting up from his blackout and moaned "Oh.. crap, what a headpoper. Gotdamn asteroids. *guh*" Ceil pointed and said sharply "Look!! A survivor of some sort. Quickly, get the paramedic team here immediately!" The reploid solder replied "Yes ma'am!" Then he ran in quick speed to summon the medical team. As he left, John was trying to get up and just flopped back down and said "Oooooohh, cant.... snap... out .... of .... *aehhhhh*" Ceil said "Please, stay still, your in good hands. your gonna be ok." Then John suddenly blacked out again.
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    Later, John was gaining back his former consciousness, he was waking up slowly as he shook his head sharply with a few short turns and said "Where.... where am I? Oh... Oh no! The Tardis!" Ceil said, "Relax your gonna be fine, now, you need to bare with us. You were suffering from a blackout and you were trying to force yourself conscious." John sat up on his recovery bed and said "Hey honey, is my Tardis ok? Is it safe?" Ceil said "You need to take your time to recover ok?" She smiled pleasantly and held John by his hand and John somewhat turned red. John spoke to himself in his head "Alright John calm down,.... don't get excited over this.. cute blonde girl...She must be 1/2 my age.....man.. I don't know why I bother....But I need to know if the Taris is safe, not to meson Kaolla, Shinobu, and Nyamo are safe too." Ceil looked at John, she could tell John was thinking about something. John said, "Please tell me. Is my Tardis safe? You know, if possible. A blue box that says Police public call box, from the 1950's that modern people don't use. Well, im from the year 2006 and im looking for an asian girl and 2 gangoro girls about this tall, (raises hand around the air to at least 4' high) have you seen them?" Ceil said "Huh? Girls, you were the only one I seen in that ship of yours." John said "Nice in there isn't it, *chuckles* wanna get out of this little hospital wing and check it out? My treat." Ceil said "You shouldn't be so ... I mean, that's awfully generous of you, but how do I know your not trying to abduct me?" John said "Abduct you?! Why would I do such a thing? I'd never do that. Why I want you to follow me is because im no good at explaining things. My Tardis can do that better than myself anyway, of course I can do some explanation." Ceil laughed a bit and said "Your kind of funny. Well, you act and sound nice, well alright." John said "I like to show you some stuff too while your looking for some answers about me and the Tardis. Oh, my name is John by the way." Ceil said "Well, sorta unusual name for someone to just pop out of nowhere, ny name is Ceil, im a scientist." John said "You look sorta young for a scientist. Most of what I seen look either middle-aged or old, but I see nothing wrong with young scientists at all. I think it's great to have them." Ceil seems sorta happy to see John even since the Rangarock incident.
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    As they went back to the Tardis together, John was looking through a bunch of old stuff and Ceil looked around the Tardis at things like an old jukebox from the 1960's, a box of magazines from 1995 to 2003. She even looked at John's wizarding books of potions and spells. Ceil also looked around a candy box and found packages of Snickers, Kit-Kat bars, 3 Musketeers, M&M's, Recces pieces, & a box of old fashioned lollypops. She looked at another box of stored candy and found wizard candy of Chocolate frogs, Trubles, Pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes, Bertie botts every flavor beans, peppermint humbugs and a pack of cockroach clusters. Ceil opened a box of Bertie botts every flavor beans and was egger to try one but as she ate her first one she looked pleasant that she ate a chocolate flavored bean, then another smile as she ate a pound cake flavored bean but when she ate the third one, her face looked shocked and got a bit suspicious that she just ate a bacon flavored bean. Ceil said out loud "WHat kind of candy that would make a jellybean taste like bacon!?" John said "Oh, you like candy, oh you better be careful with those. That's not like our candy. That's wizard candy, much more complex than you non-magical people." Ceil said "These aren't dangerous are they?" John said "Never, those are every flavor beans and I MEAN EVERY FLAVOR! They have cool flavors like root bear, cinnamon, and peppermint, but there's also pizza, chicken, liver, tripe, and there's seriously odd flavors like candle wax, paste, lotion, and sod. Kaolla sworn she had a grubb flavored bean once." Ceil began to lay down the package and looked like she didn't want to touch those again. Then she looked at another storage box with a few videogame systems in it. She saw a Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES, Sega Genesis, an Atari 7800, and a Nintendo Wii. And they were all in perfect condition as if they were brand new. Ceil said "These are extremely rare. Nobody here has ever had these in perfect condition." She even found some pictures of John playing a Nintendo Wii game with a character that resembled Megaman and Roll and even Dr. Light. Ceil looked at it in shock and said "John... you.... knew...X?" John said "X? Your not lookin at any of Kaolla's naughty... huh? Oh those pictures? I don't know any X but that's Megaman, Roll and Thomas Light when we were with a party when me Kaolla, Shinobu, Nyamo and the rest defeated Dr. Wily." Ceil said "You did know X! You .... you must be at least hundreds of years old!"
    John chuckled a bit but was a little embarrassed by her comment, but John let her slide off the ramp on that little crack. Ceil had fun looking at old junk and stuff even though they would never be made anymore or impossible to exist. John thought Ceil got a kick out of those weird toys, tools, and even Kaolla's crazy inventions left behind. But there was one thing she found that John didn't expect for her to find that caught her interest.
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    She found a data disc with the cover marked... DR. THOMAS LIGHT... BIOMETAL and another disc marked BACKUP DATA... ROLL and another data disc this time marked as DR. ALBERT W. WILY... WAR ROBOT DESIGNS BASS AND ZERO. Ceil gasped at these and John said, "Ceil, What's wrong? Oh, those? Those were some old files from an old friend, he said to get rid of them so they wouldn't be used for wrong purposes, but I still wanted to keep them, they may come in handy. I wanted to start on making a Biometal suit so I can help save my friends and fight space pirates and stuff." Ceil said "John, may I borrow these for awhile?" John said, "I don't see why not. Just don't loose them. By the way, you can make a biometal if you want, using those." Ceil responded "I can? Wow, thanks John."

    John said to himself silently "I hope this is wise of what im doing. Letting this girl make this biometal. Oh well, maybe I can help these people fight off enemies and such, what would possibly go wrong?"