• tab Her eyes shone in it. This diamond was magnificent. It was spectacular. It was what any person would wish to see. To Grace though, something was wrong. When she looked at it she felt..... sad. What could it mean? she thought. Suddenly she froze. Something was very wrong, and what it was? A boy had vanished in this room a few years ago. He was last seen with a diamond. It was on December twenty first.
    tab "Alice! Somethings wrong! Remember what Victoria told us? I think she was right.... you wouldn't believe what I just found!" Grace screamed as she ran in the room. Alice tilted her head up from her book.
    tab "Grace, I don't think that you should believe Victoria. She is Hanons daughter, isn't she?" Alice said. Her voice was calm. "And besides, you were just reading a book. Was it something you read?" She stopped and her eyebrows came together in anger. "Are you going mental?"
    tab "No!" Grace yelled. She threw the diamond on the floor and turned away. Before she could trail away, she heard a deep roar. A roar to a large animal. A roar, to a dragon.
    tab She whirled around to see Alice on the corner of the bed in shock glaring at the little object. Nothing had changed. Grace looked confused. "What did I miss?" She asked. Alice didn't answer, but pointed to the little stone. Grace walked over and noticed that there looked to be a dragon in it. A dragon.... picture. A picture that was moving?
    tab "That..... that thing! It was like a dragon was here. It didn't look like much. I just saw a dragon in the cut of the diamond," Alice said. Obviously, she hadn't heard the roar. "Oh well. I might as well get back to my story," she mumbled.
    tab "No! You didn't hear it but I did. I heard a roar Alice. There was a roar, a roar of a dragon," She said. Alice shook her head. That was when Grace lost her temper. She grabbed the diamond and threw it in the fireplace with a shriek. And Alice fell down. She had fainted. Grace just walked away, until......
    tab "Stop! You brought me here. Why?" A male voice said. Grace whirled around to see a boy in her room. He looked about their age. He had a long black cape, a red and black mask, and handsome eyes. She choked.
    tab "How did you get here? What are you doing in this house????" She shrilled. He smiled.
    tab "The diamond, it brings me here. All I need is the diamond, and I will be off," he murmured in her ear. His voice was irresistible. Grace took a step back. "If you don't give it to me, my only choice is to take you back with me. You can't overpower me in Gantha," he said.
    tab "Gantha?" She repeated. He nodded and suddenly tried to grab the diamond, but he was weak. Grace threw him away, and he fell hard on the floor. He realized what he had to do. He grabbed her wrist. And pulled her near the fireplace. "You wouldn't dare kill me," She warned. He shook his head. Grace grabbed Alice's wrist and he lept in the fireplace with all of them. Grace never wanted to die, and never did. She as well, fainted.
    tab She woke in a new room. a room that was.... made of wood and looked as if it would fall any moment. She got up and looked at the window. Just by looking, she knew that she was no longer at home.