• -Three Months Later-
    ~I felt tears stung my eyes, but I chocked them back. This was the umpteenth time Elliot left and I still can’t get the idea in my head. Cut it out, Rose, I whispered in my head. Elliot looked over at me and winked, flipping his mask down and entering the helicopter. I smiled a little, praying in my head that he wouldn’t come back hurt.
    ~I waved as they left in the helicopter then went back to the lobby of TWO. “If you need me, Alice, call me over the intercom.”
    ~”Alright,” Alice replied. She carefully stood up and walked over to me, putting a hand on her pregnant belly. “You know, Tyson never gets hurt. Well, maybe a bullet every once and a while. But you shouldn’t worry about it, Rose.”
    ~”Okay. I know.” I smiled. I jogged down the hallway and I pressed a keypad. The hook descended towards me and I placed my foot on it, grabbed the cable, kicked the wall and looked up as I sprung upwards. I got off the hook as the floor closed behind me. I went over to the desk and opened up a drawer with a special code. I put my diary on the desk and wrote down where and why Elliot left this time. “Don’t make me change my mind/Or I won’t live to see another day/I swear it’s true…” I sung as I finished up my log. I tidied up the desk and saw a picture. It was a picture of me with a guitar in hands, playing a song and smiling. I walked over to the bulletin board and pinned the picture on there. I pulled out a picture from my diary of me and Elliot kissing at Alice’s baby shower. I pinned it up too, along with a picture of Tyson and Elliot, both wielding weapons and standing against the sunset.
    ~I grabbed a broom and swept the floor. For some strange reason, I had a habit of cleaning.
    ~A shadow appeared behind me and grabbed me around the neck, gun barrel to my head.
    ~”Dad wasn‘t indestructible, but I am.” he hissed in my ear. “And you’re not.”
    ~He grabbed me by my arms and I kicked at him, hitting him in the stomach with my boot. It didn’t do anything and he threw through the window. I screamed and grabbed hold of the side of the building. Philip Clyde Jr. laughed at me and disappeared.
    ~My arm muscles tightened and I managed to pull myself back up, hands collecting shards of glass, blood pouring out. “Gah,” I cried and fell to my knees, cutting them. Everything hurt and I passed out, hearing my name being called over the intercom. Alice wouldn’t know where I was at to find me.

    ~I felt bad. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in his apartment, lying in a bed, hands wrapped up along with my knees. I sat up and stood on my feet, pain surging from my knees. I groaned and ignored the pain, walking to the living room in this apartment. I leaned against the doorframe.
    ~He jumped up and grabbed my hands, sitting me down on the couch.
    ~”How do you feel?” he asked me.
    ~I was silent and wrapped my arms around his neck. Tears streamed down my cheeks. “He wasn’t dead, Elliot.”
    ~He pulled me off of him, gazing into my eyes. “Who?
    ~”Philip Clyde.”
    ~I might as well slapped him in the face.
    ~”He did this to you. That son of a-.” Elliot couldn’t finish. He was so angry. “How is he alive?”
    ~I shook my head. “He lives on in his son.”
    ~I explained it all to Elliot. He didn’t interrupt. Once I finished, he sighed. “I’m glad you’re okay. It wasn’t until hours that we’ve came and found you.”
    ~He pulled me onto his lap and kissed me softly. “My eyes are opened wide/By the way, I made it through the day/I watched the world outside/By the way, I’m leaving out today.” he sang to me. I didn’t let him continue since I caught his lips with mine, and not letting go.

    ~”Alright, Rose. Your turn.”
    ~I slammed my side into him and flipped in the air with my hand. I landed behind him and sat down fast, pull-vaulting up with my hands, crashing my tennis shoes into his back. He cursed and whipped around and grabbed my arms, slamming me into the padded mat. “Not so rough, babe.” I smirked. He put his foot on my stomach and grabbed my legs. He flipped me over onto my stomach and sat down on top of me. I elbowed him and he didn’t move. He pulled a knife from his jeans, putting it to my neck. It was harmless since it was closed.
    ~But I had lost.
    ~”Alright. Done.” Tyson called. Elliot got off of me and helped me to my feet.
    ~”You like it rough?” he laughed.
    ~”Yeah.” I grinned, pushing him a little. He put his arm around my waist and threw me over his shoulder. “No. Elliot! Quit it!” I laughed.
    ~”Alright, kiddo.” Elliot laughed, setting me down in front of Tyse. “We’ve got a surprise for you.”
    ~Tyse handed me a folder. “It’s a two team job. I got to stay here with Alice today. So it’s your turn. Alice has to go to the hospital so we can see the baby again, so we got a friend to fill her spot.”
    ~A man wearing a red t-shirt, black jeans, black hair put into a pony tail, and blue scars, walked up. “Dylan Denton, at your service.”

    ~I put my head on Elliot's shoulder as Dylan hummed through my earpiece. "Pretty complex stuff here. Wow."
    ~I ignored him and sighed, flipping my mask down. We felt the helicopter descended and we jumped out. Elliot squeezed my hand and flipped my mask up, kissing me. "I want you to be careful and stick with me."
    ~I nodded and I kissed him back, holding it for a minute.
    ~"How cute." Dylan gagged. "I can see that, y'know."