• tab Her mind was empty.... Nothing was wrong. It was quiet...... wherever she was, and for the most part she liked this place. She tried to rise up, and her legs felt as if they would collapse any moment. She froze. Where was Alice? Grace screamed "Alice where are you?"about a million times.
    tab "Eh? What happened? Back there. There was a diamond and a dragon.... oh, that bloody dragon," She mumbled. Alice was rather sick looking. Grace gasped and helped her up. Neither of them knew where they were. The loose floor boards were damp, and the walls were dry. It was cold. Very cold. The boy in the mask was nowhere to be seen. Nor was the diamond.
    tab "I suppose he took it...." Grace mumbled.
    tab "No. One of you idiots dropped it on the arrival here. Now what am I to do?" The voice was sharp and angry. From out of one of the dark corners in the house -there were many- he slid away from. His mask still on, and his face red with fury.
    tab "Well, excuse us? You were the one who brought us here! Take us home. I don't believe that there is much point in all of this anyways," Alice said, obviously feeling much better. Her eyes were sharper and her face was the gold in their mothers necklace.
    tab "Oh, Alice. You are one of beauty. But....." He looked away from her. "I have not yet received what I have been questing. The diamond belongs to me, and as long as I don't have it, you aren't going anywhere."
    tab "Beauty you say? Well, I .... I suppose we could stay...." Alice started. Grace got suspicious. She crept around the boy so slowly, and so quietly. Alice continued to talk to him. Grace moved her eyes around quickly, and than she caught the glint. Not the diamond though, this was something else. Something dangerous. Something the boy held behind his back. A dagger.
    tab "Alice," Grace whispered. Alice ignored her. She kept on talking. "Alice! Alice, he's got a dagger behind his back!!!" Grace screamed so loud, that it hurt her. The boy whirled around and threw it at Grace as hard as he could. He missed. Grace was too fast. She ducked under and pulled Alice by her hand. She looked around trying to find a door. The boy threw it again and it scared Alice across her cheek. She shrilled and yelled. Grace's eyes then caught sight of a little door. She darted for it. The boy threw it once more and it hit. It hit Alice in the head. It wasn't deep but Alice went down, and Grace turned to help, but the boy came nearer to her with the dagger, and he was angry. Grace ran out of the house and kept on running. She wanted to be far away, but close enough to help her sister later. When she got to the woods she crouched down and closed her lips together. An amazing adventure awaited her.... and she was not yet prepared.