• When I felt the horrid pain I knew it was time. My child was comming, right here, right now. I called to one of the mannor maids and tried to relax. What would my baby be like? Could it be as evil as its father, the monster that did this to me? The vile, evil creature I thought I loved. Will I hate the child? Or will I be the caring mother my mother was to me. I doubt that, not when I know its herratige. The only thing I know is I will teach the baby the ways of Wicca, my religion. Could that be enough to steer it from the dark path. If I only show it the clear good path will that be enough to keep it away from the vile, power-hungry witches from the other side?

    Another wave of pain hit and i felt the little one comming. My breath came in short gasps. Between screams I had the sence to remember a spell I had come up with for when this time came. I thought of spring when everything opens up and I felt more relaxed. I went into a light medataition and when i came out I was being handed my baby.

    "It's a girl my lady. What will you call her?" the midwife asked me.

    "I'll call her... Artemis. After the goddess of the moon and the hunt." I decided. I mentaly added that she would also be the goddess of vampyres. The goddess of her father, my lover.

    Artemis grew faster than most children because of her vampyre nature. She grew long, thick, light brown/ golden, hair. She also learned to talk at the age of three weeks. At her current age of two she has the vocabulary of most avrage adults. She can and loves to read difficult books. I was wrong I do love her as my mother loved me. I teach her and help her when she asks. She is a very well behaved and mature child. She will make a fine High Prestess in my place when I pass the position on. I beleve she is more powerful than me. I beleve that even with the extra vampyre and witch power she still has something extra. I can't figure it out, she never gets angry, and she can't do anything when I ask her to.

    The only thing besides not being able to figure out what extra thing she had(and trying to make her seem to be a normal two year old), their was another more presseing problem. That of her diet. No one knew that her father had been a vampyre. Few people even knew vampyres existed. Naturally everyone at the manor was conserned when she asked for raw food. Or even for straight blood. In fact when she was younger a few of our cows and life stock had gone missing. She, in guilt, told me and I quietly took care of it. Being half human she could live off of "people" food but she had told me many times over she prefered blood. I had taught her not to drink human blood from birth so that had never been a problem, but I stayed on constant alert.

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