• 8:31 A.M.

    "Where is he?" Gimi asked herself while unloading bags of rice.
    Gimi sighed as she threw the rice into the pantry and was returning to the delivery truck. : "He is so lazy! Hpmh!" she reached for another bag of rice she noticed that her hand had met with another's. She quickly looked up as saw Haruo standing there grabbing the last three bags of rice. Gimi's face went red so she turned around. "Honestly Haruo when are you ever going to come on time!!" Gimi tried her best to hide that she was making a fool of herself. "Hey Gimi your lucky I showed up at all! Maybe I should've let you walk all the way back to your dorms by yourself then maybe a vampire would've came and got you.."

    "A-A V-Vampire????" Gimi spat out terrified of the thought... Haruo laughed and said "Yhea you know those things that suck your blood? yhea well people have been seeing them alot lately at night here on campus so your lucky I'm here to help or else you would've had to walk in the dark." Gimi looked down at the ground in silence as Haruo threw the rice into the pantry and locked it up.
    "Gimi are you ok?"
    Gimi looked up for a moment "Yes let's just go ok?" she looked around expting for someone to appear from around the corner. "Alright....." Haruo said after walking for awhile Haruo could tell that Gimi was on her toes and alert. Haruo looked down and said "look don't worry about Gimi...."
    Gimi looked at Haruo surprized as he continued to say "You don't have to worry because I'm not going to let anything harm you ok?" Haruo's words seem so arrsuring to Gimi she smiled and said "really Haruo you'd do that for me?" Haruo looked at Gimi and said "well yhea because your dad would stop paying me if you got killed and I didn't save you"

    Gimi swung her bookbag and slammed it into the back of Haruo's head.
    "OUCH!!!! What was that for?!?!!?" Haruo yelled as he rubbed the back of his head. Gimi turned around hiding her face to make sure that Haruo couldn't see that she was crying for some reason. "I'll be fine going to my dorm alone so go away Haruo!!! I-I-I HATE YOU HARUO!!!!!" she yelled as she ran off towards the library. Haruo sighed and said "Stupid.....she's going the wrong way......." he began to walk slowly following Gimi.

    "Stupid.....Stupid....Stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she kept yelling and yelling as her crystal blue tears streamed down her face. She fell onto the ground..
    "Are you ok?"
    Gimi looked up and saw a boy her age with big ocean blue eyes, and a dark green mossy colored hair his skin was very pale but with a very very light tan.
    Gimi wiped her tears from her eyes and smiled faintly.
    "No I think I'm ok....thanks...umm what's your name?"
    To Gimi the boy seemed so familair to her like she had known him for years and years....
    The boy sat on the ground with Gimi and said "So you don't remember? oh well.. my name is Remei but you can call me Remi."
    Remi helped Gimi up but then she felt a sudden rush of dizzyness overcome her. Remi caught her and told her she probly sprained it when she tripped. "ouch ouch ouch!!! OUCH!!!!" Gimi yelled as Remi lightly poked above her ankle. "Yup it's sprained..." Remi said. Gimi looked at him and said "Really?? I didn't notice!!" She tried to stand up. "OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" She screamed it at the top of her lungs. "Want me to carry you?? I don't mind you only live on the 1st floor right??" Gimi laughed and said "Nope I live on the 2nd floor!!"
    Remi lifted her off the ground in one quick rush.

    Haruo ran quickly when he heard Gimi scream but was shocked when he saw her in the arms of some stranger!! Haruo noticed that Gimi was smiling but it wasn't the goofy girly smile she used to show when she would look at him. this smile was different, Haruo thought she was glowing...a small fire bursted inside of him.....he wanted to grab her out of the stranger's arms and into his own. "Why do I care????" he kept saying to himself. "Haruo!" Gimi was embaressed for some reason then remembered that he only cared about his job...Remi looked at Haruo and whispered to Gimi "Don't worry Gimi I'll take care of you ok? let's go..."
    Haruo looked at Gimi the fire in his chest growing and growing "Gimi?? What are you doing??" Gimi looked away from him " It's really nothing YOU need to know..besides it's not like you care anyways so just go away!!" suddenly Remi ran towards Gimi's dorm.
    Gimi snapped out of her angry state of mind and gasped when she realized what she had said to him....
    "What is wrong with me? Haruo was actually worried wasn't he???"
    she looked at Remi
    she felt dangerous, like she was untouchible.
    "it's over here right?" Remi said looking at Gimi with his big ocean blue eyes, they seemed to draw her into them...
    "Uhhhh Yeah...."

    They were standing outside her dormroom
    "Are you sure that your fine?"Remi worried over Gimi so much..
    "I'll be ok really don't worry about me ok?"
    she got down from his arms..
    they were strong but seemed so twig-like.
    "Would you like something to eat?"
    what am I saying??? Gimi started to ask herself...
    "Oh no, no I'm not hungry....bit I am alittle thristy...."
    he kept staring at her neck.
    she struggled for words...
    "uhhh uhhhhhhh would you like some water???" she tripped over some clothes and hit her ankle. she fell and he caught her again. they were caught together in a very intense scene.
    it all seemed so famailar to Gimi.
    Remi on the ground next to her, as she was on her side smiling at his blue eyes with his hair in his face......
    (ha ha ha you guys gotta wait till i'm back to finish reading!!)