• Tuesday,February 17th, 2009

    Dear Diary,

    Today, after school and dinner, dad got really mad at me and Jake. He was yelling and throwing things around. I got hit with a fork and some pencils but Jake got way worse. Dad yelled really loudly, "Jacob, come here." Jake was super scared. We'd never seen dad that mad before. It was really scary, I almost called the cops. Next Dad bent over and picked something up, I couldn't see what it was from where I was hiding. He hit Jake and I heard a crack. I was scared so I ran. I ran up to my room and gathered a few things in a bag. My diary, blankie, and a few school things. I grabbed my backpack and purse as I heard my dad coming up the stairs calling my name. "Allie. Allie. Allie! ALLIE!!!" I quickly locked my door and struggled to open my window I grabbed my jacket and slippers as I threw on my runners. Then I flew out the window, climbing down a tree and running as fast as I possibly could to the nearest neighbors house. Since we live far into the country people couldn't really hear what was going on. I found the nearest neighbor after twenty minutes. A little old lady and her husband. They said I could stay for a while. They were like grandparents to me. I used my cell phone to call the police. they said they'd take care of it but not to be home for a while. after that I called my mom. She didn't answer. As usual. The lady said I could use the guest room. I thanked her and took my stuff there, knowing the way. I lay up almost all night wondering what's gonna happen. My mom's probably in Vegas and my dad's probably going to be arrested. What next?

    The Confessions of A Broken Heart

    Allison Zync