• "No! How could you!" Mary hissed at Andrew. "What is so wrong about having this beautiful emerald necklace?!" Andrew answered in an angry tone. "Maybe because that cave is off limits and haunted by the most evil demons that have ever been alive or dead!" She yelled. Andrew looked down.

    No. I won't cry in front of her...Andrew thought as his eyes watered. "I'm sorry Mary. I just wanted to show how much I care about you." He said in a wavering voice. Mary looked at him with solemn eyes. She lifted her hand and stroked his cheek. "It's fine. We'll go put it back so they don't rain down on us. Okay?" Mary asked in her soft angelic voice. "Okay." Andrew said sighing.

    They were walking up to the cave on the side of the cliff what it happened. An arrow shot through a tree. Mary screamed as it whizzed past her head and cut a lock of her hair off. Andrew yelled, "Run!" Arrows whizzed past their head as they ran up to the cave.

    They crouched down behind a rock. A low hissing sound filled the cave. Andrew threw he emerald out of his bag and stuck back in the hole that he found it in. The running stopped and so did the arrows. They stood up and cautiously walked outside. Suddenly, two arrows hit them both in the heart. He fell down first and then she fell into his arms and they both died instantly. bleeding their hearts out literally.

    One of the men with the arrows stopped and dropped to his knees sobbing. For that man was Mary's father. Another one fell and that one was Andrew's father. "We shot our own people!" Mary's father yelled. "It looked like demons from behind though." Another man said. "We're sorry." Anther cried out to the sobbing fathers. The people carried out the body's and buried them with tons of flowers over top of the graves. Leaving the bodys, what was left was a huge stain of blood that will never come out. But the blood was in shape. That shape was a heart.