• "Hello?..." I hear a sharp groan of pain, it pierces the night making a flock of crows fly away. The voice is weak and male, and the thought registers in my mind that it's one of the men I'd ravaged.
    "What do you want." I'm ripping apart a leaf. It doesn't relieve the stress like the men did, with their muscled bodies that ripped with a little more effort. I turned around to see if the man who'd spoken had died yet, but miraculously he was sitting up and staring at me with bloodshot eyes. I stared into his eyes with my own cold ones, and could see blood dripping from his head.
    "Who are you?..." His voice sounded worse than he looked, perhaps he has internal bleeding. I feel my mouth twist sideways in an awkward grimace as I see his insolence.
    "I am Aarie, and you are dying." I turn back around to focus on the leaf once more. I crunching sound makes me look back again in annoyance and see his face close to mine.
    "You're...Beautiful..." I snarl at him, but he doesn't flinch. This man confused me. First, he doesn't want to die. Second, he isn't SCARED of me, that " Holy God bless us, It's a devil!" voice in his head isn't there. Third, he said...I was beautiful? Either he's fixated on some angel I can't see or he's lost way to much blood.
    "Go die." I want to ask him who he saw, who he was talking to, why he was here, but I fought those urges and stayed carefully numb.
    "You're a vampire." This one at least had common sense. Even more interesting...
    "Yes." I figure there's no point in lying, and just say it flat out. And, even though it shoudn't have, his smile surprised me.
    "I'll...see you then, Aarie...maybe.." I notice his lip slip and a long line of blood rolls down his chin as his eyes close. Suddenly, as if the non-existent breath had been knocked out of me, I fall over, and hurriedly catch his fall. As if instinct covered my next reaction, my tongue slides over his mouth, catching the blood that fell as his last breathes come in a rasp tone, echoing through his chest like a siren wailing. My teeth gently break the skin of his soft lips and blood seeps out. It's warm taste surprises me with a strange other taste; one that I'd never tasted before. It has a strange feeling of happiness, which I hadn't been allowed to feel for much to long, A taste of love, perhaps, and that sent me over the edge. Poison suddenly lined my gums and teeth, coating them like snug clothes. The moment it came into contact with his skin it started to spread all through his body, eventually stopping his heart, and making him into what I'd been for over four-hundred years.
    A night walker.