• Fairytails: Prologue

    "And so the imperials took down the rebellion in six days with it's long line of Magi," Kani read to her younger brother, Kachel, as he ran around chasing a butterfly. " Kachel, if you're going to be a Magi you'll have to give up your instincts." Kani complained. Kani looked out of her house that was in a tree and saw the first sun rise of the year. " Kachel, make a wish." Kani mumbled as she closed her eyes. Suddenly Kani's ears pricked toward the door and she stumbled up with her sword ready. " Name yourself." Kani ordered the stranger. " Imperial guard, LaeLani. Here to give you some bad news." Said the Womanly voice that was climbing the ladder into the house. When she reached the house she took off her rusted helm and bowed to the youngsters.
    " Kani and Kachel Grom?" she questioned the two. Kani answered with, "Kani Grom is my name. Your reason for coming?" questioned the sixteen year old girl. " Bad news. Hallow Grom was killed in combat yesterday." the guard informed them. Kani was speechless. Kachel was the first one to speak. " Father was... Killed?!" he screamed. " i'm afraid so. Would you mind identifying his sword?" The guard said with a sniff. LaeLani pulled out a sword identical to Kani and Kachel's fathers' sword. " Bonebreaker. A sword with a demon sealed inside, only able to cut those who rebel against its weilder." Kani said with a grimace. Kachel jumped out the window and climbed up to his perch with only a few audible sniffles. Kani, on the other hand, was sobbing, for her father was her only family member other than Kachel left. Her mother died giving birth to Kachel. Kani calmed down and grabbed the sword. " Demon called Bonebreaker, hear my words. My father was your owner. He is dead now. You belong to me." she said to the demon with a sigh. Suddenly the sword glowed blue and it became light to Kani. Kani put it in her belt and headed to the kitchen without a word to her visitor. Kani started to pack her bags with unspoilable food. LaeLani shifted to her right side, then started to pronounce enchantments. Kani felt her skin grow stronger, her hunger dispel, and her sword arm felt stronger. Kani nodded a thanks to the imperial as she jumped down the ladder. Kani exhailed then started to summon an air elemental for her and her brother. There was a gust of wind, and then two dragonhawks appeared. "Kachel, we have to leave. Pack your bags with clothes and food."Kani ordered her brother. Her yellow eyes looked toward the south, toward the castle. Her whiskers trembled with anticipation of the adventure ahead as she stroked the dragonhawks.