• She smiles so suddenly, so easily, so simply. The slightest wave in her direction could receive a grin in reply. Her blue eyes twinkle, her cheekbones rising, her lush brunette curls falling in disarray down her back. Her skin is flawless, smooth, and soft. Her lashes are long, thick, canopying her beautiful orbs. Her nose is petite, regular yet all the same, stunning. Her teeth are pearly white, straight, perfect. Her height is tall, regal, proud and she moves with such grace, such elegance that would make any queen glare upon her with envy. Her clothes were of soft tones, pinks and grays, whites and sky blues. Light, baby like tones. Just the air radiating around her ranked of all happiness, beauty, intelligence, compassion, and pride. Now, as I stare, I knew it was all a lie. I knew what she really wanted to do, what she really thought, how she really saw the world.

    That simple, easy smile is a decoy. Frowning, crying, or any of such would bring that one small question. ‘What’s wrong?’ That one question she dreaded to be asked. If she opened her heart, they would nod, relate, pity, then move on. And that was what hurt the most. She didn’t want to be related to, to have everything excused as an overreaction! To be looked at as the girl who constantly cries! And so, she simply swapped out the tears and frowns and put in the smile. But the sadness, the pain that swelled up inside her, remained all the same. And so, she continued to play the part as miss. Happy-go-lucky and hope her shell would hide her from the world.

    She hated her blue eyes, her structured cheekbones, her curls, her skin. She hated her nose, her lips, her height, her teeth. They weren’t her, couldn’t possibly be her. These features belonged to a girl who pretended to be everything she wasn’t, hiding behind a curtain, cowering from the world. I saw this girl, even now, spying just the faint hint of devastation, the slight waver in her smile, the anguish expression that flickered momentarily. And then I heard my name. Pasting on a cheerful smile, I turned around to greet the person who called out to me.

    I turned away from the mirror that reflected a total stranger.