Here comes the day..
    It's beautiful and gay..
    As i walk along the pathway..
    My shadow is also walking along the way..

    Sometimes behind,
    Sometimes beside,
    Maybe short, small, big or long..
    As long as the light is on..
    There it is belong..

    It's always there but still you feel alone..
    When it's night ,still here comes the dawn..
    Oh my shadow..
    In the darkness..hope you're not in sorrow..

    When the time comes..
    That you have to lay your back at the ground..
    It is when your heart stops to pound..
    Your shadow does'nt leave..
    Even if you don't ever live..

    But your eyes are now close..
    And you can't even hear an applause..
    It means your day has come..
    And have to go on what to become..

    Your eyes are now close and seeing none..
    It is just when the shadow is gone..