• Sara cries as the cold shivering rain comes down on her.She had woken up here in the forest were she now lies down.Her mother was gone and had left before her child woke up.Sara wished she could see her mother and hoped she would come back for the rain was cold and she was freezing.Sara hears a voice in the dark.
    "a child...alone in the dark.It's near my home too!" The creepy voice says.Sara tightens her muscles and sits there scared.Judging by her dark red eyes and blonde hair everyone from her original home(village of the sand) everyone was scared for they thought she was a demon...quite like her dearest friend's brother.Her dearest friend was Temari.The person scaring her was now knelling beside her tiny body.She could see his snake like yellow eyes and his long black hair even in the dark rainy night.He picks her up expecting to hear her cry,but what he heard was a low growl."how dare you growl at me young one!"He says.Sara stops growling and shivers.The coldness was starting to make her want to get warm,but that was not possible...not yet at least.She lays there asleep in the creepy mans arms until he finally takes her with him to his creepy house and his creepy part of the forest.

    When Sara wakes up shes on a bed that she does not know.She looks around trying to find her mother.She had forgotten how her mother left her in the forest and how the creepy man picked her up.
    "are you going to get up!I'm taking you to the sand...I've got stuff I have to do."The creepy man says,"oh and my names Orochimaru...but its sensei to you."Sara follow him to the sand.She could see it was earlier in the day for it was dark and it was still misty.
    When they got to the sand there was someone waiting for them...a lady sitting on a swing.
    "I see you made it in time."Orochimaru said.
    "why would i miss seeing my daughter again."The lady replied.She grabs Sara and hugs her to death."i thought you were dead."
    "...why?.."Sara asks.It was the first time she spoke since her mother left her.
    "The Kazekage was afraid of you Sara...He ordered me to leave you in the forest."Her mother says."do you know your last name my daughter?"
    "...no..."Sara replies.
    "its onieo...remember that..."Her mother says with a smile.Then she falls forward with the smile still on her face.Blood still drenched her back.Orochimaru was behind her mother licking a kunei clean of blood.
    "...Momma?...momma?"Sara says crying.The smile on her mothers face was now gone and she was motionless.
    "She's dead Sara..."Orochimaru says with a smile.
    "You killed her!!!"Sara says still crying