• *brief brief* (adjective, noun)

    I could not think of any names, as I have not had time to look any up, so for all intents (wigwams, teepees), and purposes, the boy's name is X, and the three girls are 1, 2, and 3.

    X started off as a complete jerk. Nobody liked him, and he kept to himself unless he saw an opportunity to bother someone.
    Trouble is, he's also brilliant. One day, 3 shows up. She's as brilliant as he is, and sees the potential in him. She ignores his jerkishness (just coined that word now) and gets him to open up and be... a not-jerk.

    A few months later, on their first date, to which X's mother is driving the two, they get into a car accident. X receives a near-fatal blow to the head, and the resulting internal bleeding kills most of his brain.
    This takes place at their school, which, as part of a contract with the nearby college, has a a vastly large medical facility for research and training for the college's students (the university ran out of room on campus, so they had to use the junior high school's campus instead).

    *actual, written-out ending*

    As the group (1, 2, and 3) walked by the rehabilitation rooms, they could not help but glance into X's room. He was lying in bed, gazing in seeming wonder at the walls about him. But with empty eyes. Eyes that lacked the sparkle, the sheen, that they once had.
    Eyes that looked but did not see.

    As they walked past the window, X *looked at them. What was left of his brain recognized them somewhat, and he made an awkward movement with his arm (which was restrained) across his waist; an essentially disembodied attempt at a wave.

    He also attempted to greet them, though it came out as a heart-crushing wail, like that of a fawn struck by a minivan.

    He attempted to stand, to join the people he once knew as the only friends he'd ever have. But the restraints on his shoulders, elbows, knees, and thighs kept him from doing so. The small percent of his brain that remained caused him to realize he could not begin to try to be normal, unhurt, and for the first time in his life, he cried.

    This was too much for 1, who was, up till this point, able to completely contain her grief. And she almost made it. Almost.

    2 could not begin to hold back her sorrow. She began sobbing hysterically, her head in her arms.

    3 did not bother any attempt to hide what few tears she had in her. She felt only pity for the boy-for behind his unseeing eyes, she knew that there was the X that once was, the X that could have been, the X that would never be.