• I saw them fall each a symbol for the life that slowly trickled from my body.

    "It'll be alright, please, come here. Turn around and walk back to me." I cast a wary glance over my shoulder at the man that was attempting to coax me from my perch at the bridges edge. Turning my attention back to the crimson droplets that fell freely from my arm splattered on the cars that whizzed by below. Closing my eyes I smiled softly as I let my mind wander back to her.

    The night she told me that it was over. She had just stood there her ebony locks tossed lazily up into a messy bun. A tan sweater 3 sizes to big hung off her lithe frame revealing a pale shoulder to the chill of my apartment. An old pair of combat boots scraped nervously at the floor as she waiting for my reaction. As I absorbed her confession of not loving me any more tendrils of poison through my body I watched her suck on the silver lip ring that hadn't been there for more than a week.

    "I'm sorry."

    She said she was sorry. Nodding was my only response as I watched her leave my heat shattering into small unrecognizable pieces. If someone breaks your heart can you still love them with all the pieces?

    The sirens of the EMS truck jerked me from my trance like ponderings. Someone must have noticed the blood dripping from my arm and onto the oncoming traffic. A rather plumb man walked as close as anyone had dared before rambling on about how my life wasn't worth throwing away and that if I got off the ledge they could fix my arm and I would be fine.

    They took me as a stupid fool trying for attention; I knew the gash in my arm would have a while before it sucked all the life out of me. I looked down at the traffic a few cars had pulled over and were looking up at me with empty faces, I was just another form on entertainment to them, even a news van pulled up and the journalist in her bright red suit stood in front of the camera pointing up to me at random. Ironic how the love of my life could watch me die on the 6'o clock news.