• Far away from the chaos of his Earth, emptiness is all he can feel.
    Shocking images haunt him to no end, forcing him to be cautious with his gifts.
    The mists of this cold, barren world remind him of his once cherished wishes.
    Hidden deep within his ancient creation, the Destroyer awaits his return.
    Legend states that She will turn his beloved world into a desolate wasteland, but not before his dreams are realized.
    She will taunt him with his "perfect world."
    The vessel she dwells in is that of pure innocence and goodness, but she is pure evil.
    The only place he is safe from her is inside the ruins of the first city, in the first temple.
    Wondering when he should return to Earth, thinking of ways to guard his precious creation, he sees a tall figure wearing a hooded black cloak running down a hill towards him.
    The figure comes to a halt a foot away from where he is sitting.
    Staring into the hypnotic green eyes of the pale figure before him, he loses conciousness....