• Vamp High
    Foreword Autobiography
    Yet another year at vamp high is beginning. Another year of all the annoying “pure born” vampires making fun of vampires who are only half vampire. I myself am not so lucky for I was orphaned as a child, due to the fact that my mother was a powerful vampire princess, who happened to fall madly in love with a vampire hunter by the name of Lestat Van Helsing. The way she died was so horrific. She drove down the street in a mad frenzy. The car sped into the foggy night. She had obviously been pushed to the limit and got killed in a car crash.
    Chapter 1
    I woke up to discover that my dorm room had been ransacked. Upset by all my belongings on the floor, I decide to tell my colleague Yeesha when she got back from the mess hall. I hopped out of bed to notice that there on the floor was a radiant object’s light was projecting off my dresser. As I walked closer to the object it began to generate heat and a tentative glow. I picked it up to see that it was a necklace with the initials S.H. But wait those are my initials this isn’t right. It is so beautiful, I feel less intimidated as I look more and more at its splendor. It was on a gold chain, with a black onyx heart, and in the middle of the heart was a blood colored gem in the shape of a drop of blood. Suddenly the door swings open as my friend and dorm mate Yeesha appears with drops of blood dripping from her mouth.
    “Hey what’s that?” She asked me.
    “I don’t really know I replied. I woke up to find our dorm ransacked and this was lying on my dresser. The weird thing is it has my initials on it.”
    “Who was in here and why didn’t you wake up to all the noise?” She asked “You know I’m very tired after vampire P.E., our teacher is not the nicest gym teacher in the world.”
    “Oh yeah I forgot your only half vampire sorry.” She said. Hhhhhmmm that is strange I will go tell the dean.
    “No,” I retorted, “lets just keep it to ourselves and beside we can pick it up later nothing was stolen.” Yeesha then just shrugged and walked out to the girl washroom to clean her face from the mess hall; she always was a messy eater.
    I turned my thoughts back to my new necklace that was left in my room. It was luminous in my dark foreboding room.
    Chapter 2
    Walking to my to my next class, which was one that always interested me vampire history. I was playing with my new necklace and pensively looking at my mother’s picture. I was thinking of how much I wanted to know her. I walked all the way from my dorm room to vampire history speculating about her. When I sat down in my chair one of my other good friends, Kelly, asked me how I found my new necklace when the teacher steps in interrupting all conversation. He was notorious for this he always started the class that way. I still like him no matter what everyone said about him. He was able to make the trek of the day more fun and exciting. Then he started his lecture; this time it was on one of my least favorite topics on the Van Helsing family. The reason for this was I was oppressed for being a Van Helsing, but I sat there cowering silently and furtively taking notes.
    Psssst, Selene, I heard someone say behind me. Selene wasn’t your father a Van Helsing? Aren’t you going to kill us Selene?
    What was that Dark, if you have something to say about the topic raise your hand, said Mr.Zach as he winked at me. Don’t tell me how to do my job, he said.
    Dark wasn’t the nicest in the class. His father had once worked with Fat Tony. Fat Tony was known all through town as the worst villain ever. So Dark had obviously picked up some of his unpleasantness from his father. There was a time when Fat Tony demanded two million or else. He would have attacked the vampire school.
    I felt an ebbing of fear of mockery sustain me. As he continued his lesson for the day no one else had any other comments that they wanted to add while he was an earshot away. Brrrrrrriiiiiinggggggg the bell went, as everyone started to make their way to their dorms for study period. I always enjoyed going to the green house to discuss the exotic plants that our teacher Mrs. Fig had. There was a strange phenomenon happening when I walked from vampire history passed the statue of one of the great warriors of the long war between vampires and werewolves. My necklace started to generate more and more radiant beams of blood red light. As I went to inspect the statue I noticed that in the back there was an imperceptibly small hole that was in the shape of a heart. As I started to push the necklace into this hole the glowing maximizes to reveal a staircase leading downward. I took the necklace out of the hole and started walking downward when the statue encroached over the top of the staircase and I was trapped. Suddenly everything went black. I felt almost blind if it wasn’t for the necklace that I held, I would have never seen at the bottom of the long dark staircase a tall constrictive door with a similar hole in it as the statue. I then put the necklace into this hole and turned the doorknob to the left. It swung open with a whoosh. I took the necklace out of the hole and went in to find interminable hall. It was amazing; it had murals of prophetic stories. When I saw that one of those stories was about a vampire princess falling in love with a hunter to have a child, who was told to possess the power to use magic. I stood there awestricken for a couple of seconds and walked on to the next mural of a blurred picture it was difficult to make out. There was only one thing I could make out it was the necklace that I was wearing. As I started to walk around this mysterious place I noticed that there was a light coming from behind a bookshelf and the sound of a low hum. I creped toward the sound cautiously trying not to scare who ever it was. I turned the corner to find a small man dusting books and humming a familiar tune.
    “Hello where am I and who are you?” I asked.
    “Oh whose that?” he said in a weary voice. Hello child come have a seat I have been waiting for you for a long time?
    I slowly sat in a wooden chair that smelled of a sweet oak.
    Ah here have some tea. He said as he sat down. Now tell me do you know where you are and how important you are to the vampire community?
    “Ummm I really don’t sir.” I replied.
    “Well you are a very unique vampire you have Van Helsing blood in you and one of the most powerful vampire princesses blood.”
    “Tell me something I don’t know,” I muttered under my breath.
    “You were foretold long ago before this castle was built, but must people have strayed from the old was and forgot the prophecies of long ago. This castle was built in honor of the heroes of one of the greatest battles against the werewolf race. In fact this hall was built in honor of you great great grandma who fought in that battle and it was to hold all the answers for those who possessed power such as yourself and those who were meant to see this hall.” He told me.
    As he continued to tell me stories of how I was important in this world and how I should be treated. As I realized that I still didn’t know how to exit this place.
    Excuse me sir I really have to be going or else I will be late for my next class, I promise I will return to here more.
    “Ah yes of course of course.” He said. “I forgot that this is a school now, you just go straight past this bookshelf and go right. You will find a doorway leading out of this place. One more thing your necklace if it falls into the wrong hands it could mean certain doom for us all.”
    I walked past the bookshelf and turned right just as he said there was a doorway there. I walked through the door way and up the long path of stairs. There was a strange thing at the end of the stairwell the door was a sliding wall. I walked up to it and opened it to find that it came out in the girl’s bathroom on the fourth floor. I stepped out the door slides close behind me. I ran off to tell my dorm mate Yeesha what had just happened before my next class.
    To be continued…