• I walked inside the glass doors of the library and smiled. The aroma of old and new books filled me as some of the flying fish books and plane books flew over head on level three. I grinned as I waltzed up to the one-eyed old man at the checkout counter. He leaned over carefully and adjusted his monocle as he stared at me. "Hello Izzy, how are you?" he asked through a rotted tooth smile.

    I nodded and smiled at him. "I'm well today Mr. Grimm. Is the upstairs glass wing open today?" I asked anxiously. They had found a whole two crates of old books and scrolls in the old dark kingdom. I heard they had contained old spells and stories about the battle between the kingdoms. I was excited to read them, maybe learn a little about the land I came from too.

    The crooked-eyed man nodded and didn't even bother to give me a net. I simply rushed up the spiral, black iron, staircase to the glass room that was secluded at the top. I opened the door to the room to find the wall filled with books. I gazed at the books with great intention and excitment. Finally, maybe I got to know where I came from, and maybe to know a few other things as well.

    I picked up a book that had the words "Stories of the Gypsys," on it and opened it up. Forgetting the most important rules of books, the pages flew out at me and circled around me as a voice began to sing the story of a girl from the Mirror world of ours. They said she had no mask and that she could see herself through the windows.

    As the story ended, I turned the page and the pages stopped fluttering around me. They just floated there. I looked down at the words in the book and read them alound. "An angel was born between the light and darkness. He was bound to the border and couldn't leave until someone spoke to him. Someone who had a heart as black and white as both sides."

    I looked up and saw something astonishing. I saw the fountain on the border with small room of boxes in the center of it. A boy with white hair and black clothes looked up at me. His eyes seemed to cry out to me. Pain and sorrow were swimming together inside them. I reached out to him, but he pulled back. "Please stay away. I won't mix you up in the mess I'm in," he whispered, black and white wings sprouting from his back.

    I looked at him strangely and smiled. "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you." I whispered to him. Suddenly, as if the chains were invisble before, the black heavy chains that bound him shattered into peices. His eyes went wide as he flew off. I closed the book and time seemed to start again. I was back in the library. I looked up and smiled, taking the book with me down to the checkout counter.