• I yawned. At the front of the classroom, Mrs. Day was explaining something about trigonometry. It was about 15 minutes before the end of this period, but they promised to be painfully slow. Eventually, the bell did ring, and Mrs. Day’s parting words were some homework I wasn’t going to do. I walked down the hallways briskly, because next period was Band, and that was a relief from Mrs. Day’s trigonometry.
    The Band period, passed normally, until about halfway through. Suddenly, ninjas clad in vivid, bright colors started to bust in through the windows, interrupting the trombone solo. That made me angry, but I hadn’t to throw my trombone at the ninjas, but I did. My surprise at my actions passed quickly, to be replaced by the surprise that the tip of my trombone had at some point become coated with explosive, because it exploded on impact. And then the flutes ran at the remaining ninjas as lightsaber blades sprouted out of the end of their flutes.
    As that happened, the wall that faced the woods and whose windows had been broken by the ninjas exploded. Through the falling dust and drywall, a gigantic and very vicious T-Rex charged in. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was guy in power armour on it, and the dinosaur seemed to be weaponised. As it began to fire missiles willy-nilly, the dude in power armour started to shoot laser beams from a pistol he got out of nowhere.
    Luckily, our electric guitar player, because our band is cool enough to have one, started to play some killer riffs, and waves of pure rock and roll started to fly out of the amp, and they knocked they power armoured dude off the T-Rex, after which he quickly died on impact with the floor.
    That still left the T-Rex, who was apparently immune to the power of rock. So I ran into the supply closet and got the mortar rounds, and ran back in. This was bad. I tapped the tuba player on the shoulder and showed him the explosive round. He quickly understood. I shoved the round into the bell of the tuba, and aimed it at the rampaging dinosaur. He played a bellowing note, and the round streaked across the room straight into the mouth of the T-Rex.
    The dinosaur exploded, and his weapons system went critical, destroying all the ninjas that were left in the ensuing explosion,(which by the way would not have been out of place at a concert.)
    I breathed a sigh of relief and high fived the tuba player. However, the danger was not over yet.
    An ancient, colossal dragon tore off the roof, and placed its head inside the room. As I groped for a flute, or a clarinet, or SOMETHING, it turned it’s ancient, gnarled face to me. Its scales were a shiny grey. It opened it’s mouth, but instead of flames came out something much deadlier:
    I yawned, and looked up into the gnarled, ancient face of Mrs. Day, and blinked. “Huh?”