• The Boy:

    I guess ever since that weekend of talking to Tay, I was going to need to learn to let go. Her happiness with Caleb was obvious to me and the world. That's all I ever wanted was for her to be happy. Ever since I met her as the shy girl sitting against the wall during the R.O.C.K show (an activity my church has).

    She and Jake had gone together; but Jake had decided to leave Taylor by herself. My heart broke for her because she was a pretty girl and she just looked...lonely. From the the second my eyes feel upon her, I felt attraction. She had cute chipmunk cheeks with a bright smile. Wide, hazel eyes that shone and golden skin. Her hands were so tiny and soft; her hair was long and brown with highlights of various colors such as a honey-blonde color and a copper-red. Her hair had layers and bangs over to the side. She wasn't short...just not tall. She wasn't petite, but hey, I'm not complaining; she had the body of a playboy bunny! What guy wouldn't want that? (A gay one I suppose, but that's different.)

    The problem was though at the time, Jake was my bestfriend; Jake was her boyfriend . They'd been together for over a year and believe me, it was a messy break up. I believe she took it the hardest though for she felt replaced.

    But nowadays, she and Jake and I are all friends. Hah, friends. I wanted Taylor Ashley as more.

    On Monday morning, people at school acted as if I had died and risen up from the grave. Girls would gasp, and guys would stare. (Maybe they were also staring at my new short hair due to the stupid Judge).

    Point is, Ola High had never been in an uproar like this.

    Mason Brown is back?!

    That's all I heard all day. Except though from a girl named Lea.

    She was nothing like Taylor. She partied, smoke, drank, etc. etc.

    (plus she was short and not as cute )

    But I did promise myself to let Taylor have Caleb.

    So I saw nothing wrong with me wanting to have Lea.

    "Hey, Lea." I casually said as I stood by her locker.
    "Well, well, look's who's free. Why! It's Mason Blake Brown." she replied.
    "In the flesh!"
    "Good to have you back. So I'm assuming you heard about Ethan and I breaking up."
    "Yeah, you told me last week."
    "Oh, just reminding you. Besides he wants me back."
    "Yeah, but I like this other guy."
    "Ah, well who's he."
    "Guess." she whispered in my ear.

    Ah, I love the girls who play hard to get. Lea thinks so just so clever. Oh, I was going to have fun with this.

    But that never changed the fact that I'd dropped Lea in a second for Taylor.

    The Girl:

    The days after homecoming seemed to come and go. Nothing fun or new happened; just mundane days.

    "Hey, Tay, you know the Panic At The Disco concert was last night, right?" Chels said on the phone as I attempted to kill time at Nick my little brother's soccer practice.
    "Uh, duh. I was so pissed I couldn't go. But it was a school night." I sighed.
    "Okay, well as Caleb been acting...odd?"
    "Well, I mean he hasn't texted me that much today. Is that odd?"
    "For you two, yes."
    "Then okay, yes. Odd."
    "Look, you're my best friend and I don't want you hurt. Caleb was seen with another girl."
    "Yeah, like I know you guys aren't going out, but still. He should tell you what's going on."
    ". . ."

    I couldn't answer. I felt so hurt, so used, so replaced .

    "Yeah." I squeaked out.
    "I don't want you to freak. You guys haven't been dating long." Chels said in a comforting tone.

    But it felt more like venom in stead of comfort.

    "I'll call Caleb when I get home." I muttered.

    The rest of the ridiculous practice seemed to pass by slowly. I was ready to go home and settle things straight.

    "Caleb?" I said into the phone.
    "Oh, hey Taylor." he responded with no enthusiasm.
    "Look...I just want to know what we are?"
    "Gah. I knew this would happen. Everyone keeps saying we're going out."
    "But we're not."
    "I know. But look, I don't want a girlfriend right now."
    "You've made that clear; I understand. But, Caleb, do I have any chance?"
    "I want to say yes...but I don't know."
    "I really like you; but we haven't known each other for a while...and sometimes I think I love you. But I know I don't."

    I felt my heart crack at that one sentence. It felt like a slap on the face.

    "Oh..." I whispered.
    "Are we still going to go to Metro Station?"
    "Yes, they're my favorite band, You can come if you want--or if you even want to see me anymore."
    "Taylor, I --"
    " I have to go."

    I sat on my bed and cried.
    I have made one too many mistakes.
    I was going to lose Mason and Caleb.

    But I'd leave Caleb in a heart beat just to be with Mason.