• Jacob’s grandfather had once told Jacob when he was a 5 years old his grandfather had killed a couple over a bracelet. This bracelet was special because it gave you supernatural powers. Jacob’s grandfather had killed this couple before they got the bracelet. This couple wanted to use this power to kill Jacob’s family, that’s why Jacob’s grandfather killed them, but he thought they had a son but he was no where to be found that time. Jacob’s grandfather also told this story to Jacob’s mom and dad but they told Jacob he hadn’t killed anyone; if he did he would be in prison, which made Jacob not believe in the story, even though his grandfather showed him his bracelet. Few weeks later his the was killed by an unknown murderer and Jacob noticed the bracelet was gone. Jacob’s mom and dad sort of then believed in the story.

    Many years later

    “Hey Tessa! You want to go visit the shack and go surf for a few days” said Jacob, as he sat next to Tessa.
    “Umm I’m not sure, it might be cold” as Tessa read her novel.
    “Come on Tess, remember when we were fifteen, you enjoyed going to the shack; at night watching horror movies together, going for a surf with Ruby, Jess and I, pranking each other at night and all that, you remember don’t you” said Jacob while he ate his pear.
    “Yes I do, but I realize that place is quite dangerous now, I mean honestly, the shack is in the middle of no where, no cities or people around, anything could happen even murder” Tessa said seriously.
    “It’s been three years come on, please go, it wouldn’t be as fun if you don’t go with us. Ruby, Jess and I wouldn’t enjoy it without you; please this will be the last time we will go”
    At the end of the day, Jacob had convinced Tessa to go with them.
    At 10am, Jacob put his belongings, surf board into his big, old land rover and went to pick up Tessa, Ruby and Jess.
    They had arrived at the shack; the wooden walls of the shack were all cracked and dry. The roof was all rusted and the sea blue paint on the walls was fading. At 2pm they unpacked all their belongings into their rooms. At 3pm they were all about to go surfing, but Tessa had caught a cold along the way. The group didn’t want to go because they wanted to accompany Tessa, but she said she didn’t want to ruin the fun for everyone, just because of her. So she told them to go surf while she cooked dinner for them.
    “Your so nice Tessa” said Jess as she gave a friendly hug to Tessa.
    As Tessa was making spaghetti bolognaise, she heard loud, fast knocks at the front door. She opened it, no one was there. Few minutes later, someone knocked on the front door again. She then heard knocking noises from the back door. She looked out of the window, in a distance she saw a guy with a clown mask, using his thumb and crossing his throat. A moment later she heard footsteps at the front door, and then she saw the door knob turn slowly. It opened. She was so scared she almost screamed. She then looked again, it was her friends.
    “Oh my gosh, thank god it’s you guys!!!” cried Tessa as she hugged Jess.
    “What’s wrong” Ruby asked.
    “There was a guy who wore a clown mask and wanted to kill me”
    Tessa was still scared, after her friends had comforted her for two hours and rapidly talking about other things. She wanted to leave but the group told her; they will leave tomorrow morning. At 10:30pm everyone went to bed.
    Later at night, Tessa could hear knocking noises again, she thought it was her imagination but she could hear it from the window in her room. She stood up and approached the window. She opened the window, “ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!” screamed Tessa.
    Jacob heard a thump on the ground and a scream. It woke Ruby and Jess up as well. They ran to Tessa’s room.
    “Tessa!!!” screamed Ruby and Jess, as they ran to her.
    She was dead; all paled up, her throat slit open and her eyes wide as golf balls. Jess was crying a lot and was holding Tessa’s body really tight. Jacob was leaning against on the wall and wept. As he wept, he felt something wet on the timber wall, he turned on the light.
    On the wall was written with blood, “In two hours time Ruby will die!!!”
    When Ruby looked up, she was shocked and looked stoned. At 12am, they left Tessa in her room and covered her with a cloth. The group knew they were in danger and they walked down the stairs to the kitchen and rang the police, but the phone didn’t work and they were out of mobile phone range. They then went to the basement to look for weapons for, but they only found a wooden axe. They tried to drive to the nearest police station but strangely Jacob’s land rover was gone, they were even more scared when this happened.
    It was 2am; Ruby was almost out of her mind, the power went off and it made Ruby scream. A moment later they heard an engine start and heard the engine go louder and louder. They saw the wall behind them collapse. The clown who drove Jacob’s land rover, smashed into the house. Ruby screamed her lungs out when she saw the clown and they fled from the room because of the shock it gave them.
    “Stick together you guys” shouted Jacob as he rushed around the house, looking for them and sweating continuously.
    Ruby was in the bathroom. She was crying and scared. She looked into the mirror, staring at her reflection and noticed her reflection started to change; the reflection was pointing something at Ruby. The power went on again. Ruby was insanely screaming when she saw the clown, and he was pointing a gun right at her.
    Jacob found Jess and they heard a gun shot from upstairs, and the power went off again. As they were running upstairs they could smell a very strong blood stench. The stench lead them to the bathroom.
    “Nooooooo!!!!!” cried Jess.
    Ruby was on the ground with lots of blood around her head.
    “This can’t be happening” Jacob said as he smashed his head on the wall.
    “I know you’re still alive Ruby, hahahaha!!! This has to be some kind of joke” Jess mumbled to herself and holding Ruby really tightly.
    “Answer me!!!!!” shouted Jess.
    She’s gone” said Jacob as he held Jess’s shoulder.
    Jacob stood up. “I am going to kill who ever killed my friends” Jacob said furiously.
    The power went on again, they both went downstairs, into the dinning room, and Jacob grabbed his axe. They then went to the front door, they opened it and on the fly screen, was a piece of paper saying “Jess you are going to die right now!!!!” Jess stumbled back and was holding Jacob’s arm really tight.
    “Please, nooo, not me, Jacob do something, please do something!!!!” screamed Jess. The power went off again.
    A moment ago, Jacob felt Jess was holding his arm really tight, then when Jess had let go of Jacob, he felt he had lost everything. He heard a shotgun pulled back and fired. The power went back on. Jess was on the ground; her guts were everywhere and blood all over her. Jacob was speechless and terrified. When he looked up, he saw the clown, Jacob grabbed his axe and launched at the clown.
    “Die you f***ing clown” shouted Jacob.
    As Jacob was about to swing his axe right at the clown, the clown disappeared in a flash. The clown was behind Jacob and the clown used his shotgun and shot Jacob’s arms and legs. Jacob was on his knees and shouted in pain. The clown was in front of Jacob. The clown laughed evilly and took off his mask.
    “Thanks to your grandfather’s bracelet I can kill you and your friend easily, mwhahaha goodbye Jacob” as the clown pulled his shotgun again.
    Jacob hadn’t had a clue what he said then he thought back about the story his grandfather told him.

    The End