• Serena stared at herself in her broken mirror, pouting at the face that looked back at her.
    "Why do I even bother with these kind of things?" She wondered. She paced back and forth in her cramped room. She licked her lips hungrily, feeling an urge for a new man, someone different. Serena smiled wickedly. There's bound to be men where she's going. A hysterical giggle burst through her lips. She could hardly wait.

    Serena bounded with her light dancer's step to the center of the grand ballroom. The form of the room was gorgeous, but she'd seen it all before. She glanced around the room, surprised to see that there was already two people deeply engaged in conversation.
    'Odd.' Serena concluded, 'but not suspicious.' She was USUALLY the first person at these kind of functions. She smoothly danced by herself, one step leading into another as if choreographed. She smiled slightly, showing of her dance skills a little, even though she knew no one was watching her. She flowed with the music until she spotted an attractive man watching her. Still swaying to the beat, she grinned and beckoned him over. Looking stunned he pointed to himself like a question. Seeing Serena nod, he beamed and hurried over. She took one of his hands in hers and they began to dance together. THIS was what she'd came here for. Nothing and noone could ruin this night. Just as those thoughts came into her head, the front door burst open, in the doorway was a dazzling gentleman. Serena groaned. Noone could ruin this night EXCEPT him.

    The man Serena had been dancing with stepped back, looking hurt.
    "No I'm sorry I didn't mean you, sweetheart." She promised. The man nodded eagerly, only seeming to hear the 'sweetheart' part. Meanwhile, Serena was glaring across the room at the tall, dark and handsome figure that had just entered the ballroom. The new arrival, seeming to notice Serena for the first time, grinned and waved excitedly. She stuck her tongue out at him. Childish she knew, but she had serious issues with this man.
    "Why don't you go get me some punch, dear." Serena said to the man who she was dancing with. He hurried off hastily like an obedient puppy. The man who had just arrived, seeing his chance, sauntered casually up to her.
    "Hello my darling." He drawled.
    "You aren't dead yet, DeRay?" Serena spat hotly. DeRay chuckled. Serena's personality was refreshing to him.
    "May I have this dance?" He asked politely. Without waiting for an answer, he swept Serena up in his firm grasp and started swaying to the music.
    "Let me go you creep!" Serena hissed.
    "Never again." DeRay said. Was that a hint of extra meaning in his voice? That minor hint triggered Serena's fight or flight response.
    "I need to use the bathroom." Serena quipped.
    "Hurry back to me!" DeRay called. Serena sprinted off to the bathroom, sat on the toilets rim, and dropped her face into her hands. She didn't have the slightest idea how to deal with all the emotions inside her head and her heart right now.