• Darkness…that was all I saw for the time being. I found myself floating among the darkness. A faint scent lingered around my nose. A fragrant of sweet smelling flowers and berries…I slowly started to open my eyes. The view around me was magnificent and familiar, although I had never been here. A corridor of trees mixed with the colors of both the spring and autumn. A beautiful painting of extravagant colors, which were so beautifully mixed. The grove of trees had only one direction. I followed it with great caution.
    “This is impossible,” I thought. “Where am I? How did I get here?”

    “You’ve returned.” Said a voice behind me.

    I quickly turned and saw a young girl in a white kosode and red hakama. “Thank goodness, you’re just in time.”

    “I’ve…returned?” I asked.

    “It seems the darkness has recuperated since the last time we came…I will need your assistance once more.” She answered.

    Like a flash flood, my memories returned. I had never been here before, I have never met her before…physically. I had returned to the world of peace and serenity, I had returned to the world of dreams. Here was where my dreams were formed and existed. Before I had to repair the seam leading between the nightmares and dreams…now I was summoned to do so once more.

    “She has returned. We must banish her once again.”