• I-its done'. . .'two years of hard work. . .thank you!' That is what i remember him saying
    when my system was now complete.it was 100 years ago and i was just finshed being created.'Is the system working proporley?' he said. 'Not a problem.' 'then your name shall be Rin kagamine vocaloid 02'

    V O C A L O I D 02 I S T H A T W H O I A M?

    When i was made i dont think i had feelings. . i also dont think i was the smartest person,er umm vocaloid on earth.but if i do know anything its what he said on that first day when he showed me the great big peach blossem tree and it was: 'just for the record if you dont know something it doesent mean ypur stupid. . .it means that there is still room to learn.'Althogh i was a copy of a human i knew that he needed someone human or vocaloid.He was lonely. I saw millions of pictures on the wall. . . only one got my atention.It was a picture of him and a brown-haired woman they both looked about in there 20s.'That was my wife.' he said. i kinda got sacred and fell.'its ok' he chuckled.'she died' he said with a sad-look in his face'your are my dahter we would have had'.' i tried to picture what she would look like in her 'teens' so i made you '. . . 'so you wouldint be so lonely?' i said with a frightend look.'exactly' he said.Exactly'