• The blood drain down River's throut... like she was drinking water. Slowly going down here chin. " The taste, the blood, its all to amazing". She moved on to her next victim. The beautiful... women that her love had slowly fallin in love with. " Oh yes, i will get a mouth-full of that salty, Delisiouse blood. I can just taste it now...". ---Next Day----

    River: "NOLA, WAIT UP!"

    Nola: " Oh hey riv, Whats up?

    River: *breathes heavily". Oh sorry.... I have to tell you what happend to me. The blood craving. It happend again. It was like a sharp sensation. I could not control it. I felt like a i got possed or somthing. It was the most terrifiying experience that ever happend to me."

    Nola: *laughs* River, stop thinking about your nightmares. Its not real.... boy-o-boy River, I know how to control my imagination. Why can't you?"

    River: But I saw it! I swear it realy happend Nola... I guess your not such a friend after all. The first time we met we would tell each other everything
    Now it all changed so soon.

    Nola: " So if you are dumb, then leave. BYE EX FRIEND .''


    --after school----

    River:" *crys* I just don't understand why she though we wern't friends.

    Jason: "Mabey she is just going through some bad times right now and she is taking it out on you."

    River: " No, Jason. It was my fault. I am the reason why we are in this fight, I was the one. *thinking* (Mabey i should commit suicide.

    Jason: " I can see what you're saying, Just don't take it to hard on yourself.

    River : "Sure, okay, bye." *picks up binders and bags*

    Jason: Where you goin' Riv' ? Lol, your not moving just because of Nola, Are you?

    River: *keeps walking and throws bags in the trunk of her truck* "Sorry Jason. I will call you. Its just all to comlicated. I mean. The bags are for charity. My mom abandond me... And my dad is in jail. I can't leave with these people whp picked me up from the foster home. I'm real sorry but. Im Going away for a very long time. Actually, I guess I will say. I'm considered dead, Kay jas'? Tell the people at school if they ask. Not like they would care anyways. So do you wanna go to the charity with me?"

    Jason: WHAT?! Theres no way in hell that i am going to go to the charity with you. You're going straight to the hospital River, You are going way to far with this.

    River: Too far with what?

    Jason: Don't even ask me questions River, I'm not letting you die. *grabs River's hand and pulls her in the back seat of the truck* I drive.


    Jason: I have to tell you somthing I hav'nt told anyone befor River.

    River: What is it?

    End of chapter ( new one coming out next month razz )