• They arrived in front of Blaine’s house. They were both drunk. Damien could barely walk or even stand up.
    “You could also drink the blood of animals but that’s for vampires who don’t live up to who they are. They’re for vampires who are weak who care about the lives of others and not of themselves,” said Blaine. Damien picked up a rat that was running past his feet.
    “Just this once,” he said severing its head and drinking the blood.
    “I find its blood tastes foul and not as warm and fresh as the blood of a human. Especially that of a woman,” said Blaine looking at the rats head that lay on the ground. He despised all vampires that were weak and cared about life. He hated their guts. Blaine and Damien walked into the house. Blaine headed to the kitchen and took a bottle of wine. He started to drink from it.
    “How did you ever become a vampire?” asked Damien. He was staring at Blaine.
    “That is none of your business,” said Blaine.
    “Why won’t you tell me? Can one be born as a vampire or do you have to be bit?” asked Damien.
    “One should not ask so many questions!” said Blaine angrily.
    “It seems you are afraid of your past,” said Damien
    “I am not afraid of anything!” Blaine turned and headed for his bedroom. Before he left he turn and said “I have provided you with a coffin in your room to sleep in.”
    “Thanks,” said Damien. They both left to the rooms.
    As the sun rose in the morning, the house remained in shadows. Damien had woken up and he went around the house. He discovered a grand piano in one of the rooms. He had learned how to play songs on it when he was a child. Damien started to play something.
    “What a lovely tune. You play better than the woman that used to live in this house,” said Blaine leaning on the door.
    “What happened to the woman?” asked Damien.
    “I murdered her when I was looking for a place to stay.”
    “Dark,” said Damien. Blaine walked away. Damien couldn’t play anymore. He had a headache. He could still hear the blood curdling screams coming from the girl last night. Or it could have been the hangover. He walked down the dark hall into the dining room where he found Blaine.
    “Do you ever feel bad about what you do to your victims?” asked Damien.
    “Never. It’s best for you to forget what happened last night. But you will be doing that to your victims when you hunt for fresh blood,” replied Blaine.
    As the sun set Damien watched out the window in one of the rooms. People hurried through the streets to get home from busy days. The graveyard by the house seemed darker than usual. He decided to leave and go for a walk. He walked down the streets watching as people stared at him as he passed by. Damien decided to go see his older brother in the graveyard. His parents assumed him to be dead. They didn’t care. They were probably angry because he killed his brother. The tombstone was located in the center of the cemetery. It read ‘James D. Stone 1960-1987’. Damien stood there for a while staring at the tombstone. It was 10:00 P.M already. He walked towards town and headed down a dark alley. Damien stood there waiting for someone to pass by. It was getting cold out and time was flying by quickly. He heard voices. It was a guy with a soft voice talking to someone beside him. The other voice sounded rough and deep. It seemed familiar to him. There was also another. This one belonged to a female. It was soft and delicate.