• Kiefer started to stare at Re when she was taking the bandage warp around His waist , he ask,"why are you doing this?" Then Re only answered "because we're in the same war" Kiefer asked questions and Re only answered in riddles.

    At the afternoon~
    Re asked if Kiefer wanted to go with her to the market, and Kiefer said yes. Before they left Re asked if Kiefer could look different so people won't be stareing at him like if they seen him before. When they reach the market, the guard welcomed Re, and then turned to Kiefer and said,"who are you,sir?" Kiefer was about to speak until Re said,"I found him in the forest wounded so i started to take care of him." "ok Miss he may go then..." When Re and Kiefer went to the fruit stand, the female clerk said,"umm Re who is he?" Re sighed again and said," He's just a friend, Sarah do you still have any watermelons still?" "Ahh yea, I still have some in the back and that will be 450yen please" "ok.." When the clerk went to go to the back of the store . Re and Kiefer heard a scream.

    End of Part 2 0.o i guess im lazy blaugh whee blaugh whee
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