• As percy ran and ran he could hear the howling chills of the demons that were killing eachother to get him. Most were stuck together because of the non roomy hall so all the demons had to squez in tight. first percy thought he was ok for now until a demon got out of the clump and started reaching for his soul. percy was knocked crazily to the ground trying to reach his sword silverdice. he finally grasped it for his life and slashed the demon to peices as kept running down the hallway just a few feet away from the chapel when a old wrinkled man appeared held out his hand it had some engraving percy stared and realized he was a holy monk from the chapel. as percy stared the monk yelled "limyos"! and a bolt of blinding light cam from his hand and made the demons wimper away. after the demons left the man said "come with me if you want to live"

    blaugh end of chapter 1 blaugh