• Werewolves, a thing of legends I’ve been told so many times. But what if I told you they weren’t? What if I told you that you that you were talking to one right now? That’s right, I’m a werewolf born and raised. Nothing to be ashamed of, honest really. My name’s Aquarius. That just so happens to be my horoscope, strange isn’t it? I live with my mother and father….alone. And as your probably wondering why I didn’t mention a pack is well….its because their all dead. All of them including my older brother and sister. They were protectors; they inherited it from my father’s side.
    Anyway, back to the present. I go to an all human school, which was my parents way of blending in. I don’t mind really, I have friends and had a couple of boyfriends. But the thing is, if they asked for more I would instantly dump them. The reason is simple actually, if they wanted it and I gave it to them, I would kill them. Remember, I AM a werewolf.
    To a lot of the kids at school though, I am either weak, weird, and vulnerable. Which by the way, are so not true…..ok maybe the weird part, but that’s just considering on who your talking to. And I’ve had a couple of good friends, not best friends, but good ones nevertheless.

    My only way to get away from the stress of school was a wide open field behind my house. Late at night I would grab my purest white robe, put it on me, and walk out to the night. As I walked a distance away from the house and looked at the nearly full moon, I would let my rob drop from my shoulders and have the brisk night air lick upon my bare pale skin. My hair toppling down my bare back as the light of the moon reflected my raven black-blue hair. I took a swift breath and went to a sprint, breaking full speed until my surroundings became a blur, and the trees merely became colorless patterns as I no longer became human….but my true instinctual self.
    My fur, which is the same color as my long raven black-blue hair glistened in the moonlight as I ran through the trees, ignoring all that surrounded me. Losing myself. Although, losing myself might be a good thing now and then, there’s always the fact that there might be someone who witnessed my transformation.
    My parents have always cautioned me about transforming in the open, and also told me that if it ever so happens to turn out that way, they would take me away and do experiments on me like the frogs in my biology class. With that to think about all the time, I am only able to get out very few times. I have been to many human schools since the slaughter of my pack, and have not captured a single scent of another werewolf. I thought the worst has come and we have become extinct like the dinosaurs in my history books. But I was wrong.

    The next day in history class, our schools principal came in. “Your new teacher is running a bit late do to the fact that he is bringing along his little sister Gemini.” The front doors of the school flew open, and a slight familiar scent clouded my senses as I smelled a man….who was a werewolf like myself. His musky scent filled the air and re-arranged all my natural senses. My friend Zoe who sat beside me placed a hand on my shoulder. “Aquarius, you alright, your shaking badly.” I hadn’t realized that my reaction to another werewolf made me like a leaf, falling and trembling in the cold autumn breeze. Looking back at her, I reassured her with a smile. “I’m fine, just cold.”
    The door swung open as the man who gave off the scent of my own came walking into the room. He was young but not too young, with a good body built in his upper torso like most male wares. He turned to look at the class, and I caught sight of his eyes. His eyes were the most beautiful blue that looked absolutely stunning with his platinum blonde hair and fair white skin. My voice was gone, my breathing ceased, and my heart was thumping so loudly that the whole class could probably hear it. “Everyone, this is my younger sister Gemini. She’ll be here for today momentarily so please treat her as if your own.” The girl had that brownish red hair that almost looked bronze colored with the most stunning green eyes you could ever imagine. She wore a gothic Lolita dress that flowed smoothly with each step she took, and had heavy black eyeliner on to make her eyes pop out in a mesmerizing sort of way. Gemini looked about the class, but turned her gaze at the man standing next to the chalk board. He took a piece of chalk and jolted down his first name on the board. “Everyone, my name is Pisces. Gemini, if you would take a seat we can get this class started.” Taking his hand and leading it towards the audience of students. Gemini rolled her eyes at Pisces, and her gaze suddenly met mine, as did Pisces. The principal left the room, leaving everything to our new teacher.