• Chapter 1

    If you ever get that feeling when you lie on your leg to long, like when i type, and i just get that stabby tingly sensation, ya, thats how it feels to be burned alive with holy fire.

    I am a witch. A fully fledged, spell casting,... witch. my town detest's witchs, and they normally burn within seconds of being found out. but one person is different. my boyfriend, collin. he always protected me with all of his life force, which is hard. All witchs suck the life force out of people daily. well, we cant really get it to stop, but it just kinda lingers. he is slowly dieing, but not in a while. however he has a disease that is unknown. we dont even know, what it is, which is soo bad. especially when he found out i was pregnant. yes, i have a set of twins. they are semi magical. oh well, thats bad anyway. i hope that they dont get found out and then they die. oh well. im about six weeks along, and they dont know a thing! oh well.

    He has a horrible reputation, and that is being the "village idiot." but i dont find that true. hes so smart in real life. i dont know why hes called that. oh well...