• Day: 367. Location: The Corbundos System.

    It’s been nearly a year since the Clone Wars started back on Geonosis, and our

    mission have also become increasingly dangerous since the start of the war. I’ll keep it

    short. In Delta Squads Briefing we were told the Prosecutor: an Acclamator-Class

    Assault Carrier, and Delta Squad’s first home, was on duty patrolling the Korellea

    System. on the outer rim. About three months ago we lost contact with the Prosecutor.

    We thought the Nebula’s EMWP was interfering the Communications equipment. We

    were wrong. After we lost contact with the Prosecutor, she disappeared from Radar

    completely. A month later she reappeared just outside the Corbundos System running

    silent. Communications haven’t been restore. We now think that the Prosecutor was

    boarded and taken, but we aren’t sure yet, and my team is going in to explore the ship and

    collect the data from the ship’s four data processing cores. Delta-07 will be retrieving

    damage reports from the starboard rear data core, Delta-62 is tasked with retrieving what

    we call “the black box data” from the port rear data core, Delta-40 is departing to retrieve

    the star map records from the port bow navigation data core, and I’m charged with

    securing the communications records from the starboard bow data core. We’ve also

    gotten some reports of Trandosions in the Korellea System and they might have captured

    the Prosecutor. But that theory is highly unlikely to happen. Well the time has come for

    me to depart to the Prosecutor. Lets hope nothing bad has happened to the Prosecutor.

    Day: 637. Location: Kaysheeke

    After we recaptured the Prosecutor it was towed back to Corasuant for repairs

    and for the data we collecting to be analyzed. We soon found out the Separatist Droid

    Army was working with the Trandosion slavers. Apparently the Separatists have invaded

    Kaysheeke: the wookie home world and capture their leader Tarful. The Separatists wih

    the help of the trandosin slavers, have set up small bases on the forest floor and have

    almost stopped wookie resistance and are starting to push back. Command has sent my

    squad as a tactical strike team to hit the Trandosion outposts hard and swift to cripple the

    their forward movement. Our second objective is to locate and free Tarful and escort him

    safely to the wookie resistance. Reports of General Grievous being spotted on Kaysheeke

    are starting to steadily increase. Do to this our third and most dangerous objective is

    aquire proof that General Grievous is on Kaysheeke. Hold on. New data just came that a

    Separatist Devastator-Class Assault Ship has entered the system and is landing troops on

    the planet surface. Looks like our fourth and most critical objective is to destroy the

    Separatist cruiser using the anti-ship turrets in the wookie government tree. This is going

    to be our most critical and most dangerous mission yet. There is no turning back once we

    land and began our covert op. All our training, schooling, skills, smarts, and faith in each

    other will be put the to ultimate test. This will be known as Delta Squad’s finest hour.

    Time to move out. Delta lead out.