• Brooke solemnly boarded the school bus after a too-long school day. She had failed another two quizes and lost a homework paper. Ever since Brook's dad and siblings were killed, her life has slowed. She still had her mother, but Brooke hated her mom. What with her being abusive and a compulsive slut. Brooke was always quiet about it. Even when her mom hot and pinched and kicked and yelled at her, Brooke kept her mouth shut. She hadn't talked to anyone in over a month. She lost the light in her eyes and the color in her face. Brooke didn't laugh or play of just plain old goof off like the average 9th grader. She replaced that with crying and emptiness. Brooke didn't bother to make a mask for herself. She acted the same at home that she did at school. The bus came to a stop and Brooke slowly got off. When she walked off of the bus, she heard someone walk off with her. There had been someone who got off the same time as her before, but they always walked in the opposite direction. This person had been following her. Brooke nonchalantly looked behind her shoulder and saw that it was a boy. This boy had noticed the little peak and moved so he was standing adjacent to Brooke. "Hey." said the boy. Brooke didn;t look at him as he said this. She just nodded once and they kept walking. "I'm Alex." he began.

    ((I figured this was a good place to stop.))