• The paper was still floating in the air as Sei ran through the hallway. She had the terrible sense of forboding in her chest. Why would he send her a note, what did he want her to come to the roof? The only thing she could think of was that the entire situation was just wrong.

    Building 2a was one of the main buildings that overlooked all of the school grounds and was the tallest out of the 4 other buildings. Her locker was in 2b so it did not take her long before she was at the top of the other building next to it. School had let out for the day but there were still other students on the grounds. One of which was Dante who would not leave until she did. He was her guardian after all and he took his job very seriously but still let her have her privacy.

    When she finally reached the roof enterence she was out of breath. Sei took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself. Once she was ready she opened the door and stepped onto the roof. There on the far side of the roof faceing building 1a was Andros. He was a very tall and muscular man with tribal tattoos that covered his arm from the top of his shoulder down to the back of his hands. Andros wore a plain leather jacket with the sleeves cut off and a crimson red tank top underneith. The tank seemed to only outline the muscles underneith very vividly.

    Eventhough he was her enemy and she loathed him to the very core of her heart she could not help but stare at his beauty. His face was stunning with his closely shaved chin to the peircing red eyes. His dark hair was short and spiked out like that of a famous punk rocker. When he sensed her presence Andros turned to face her and smiled his wicked smile.