• "UGGGhh!!" Man why on my day off do I have community service. Crap,crap stupid Renji he always busts me. One of these days he's gonna be in serious trouble and I won't be there to save him.
    As I rolled out of bed I went straight to my pearly white bathroom. I noticed what looked like a tail."Oh my god!! What the hell?!!! ANNNAA!!!!" I looked at my head and saw fuzzy velvet cat ears.But of coarse my jet black hair was straight and perfect. I kept my hair in a simple ponytail, because my superhot trainer liked it that way. That wasn't the only reason I kept it that way I hated having my hair down.
    "ANNNAAA where the hell are you?!!?!?" She came rushing in and tripped over her too big for her baggy jeans. I caught her arm in one hundreth of a second.She gazed at me in fear and respect. When I lifted her up she smirked at me and said"So, this is why you're screaming at the top of your lungs for."
    "Ana, I am two seconds away from slapping you in the face. Why is this happenning?" I started to cry.
    "Ayame please calm down it is happening ,because it is time and danger must be on its way to the Isogaiu clan." Ana is my caretaker even though she is 18 years old. She is able to see the future. She is a petite girl with blonde short cury hair, and has emerald colored eyes.
    "But I just turned 15 and what the hell." I was well on my way to a stress attack. I got up and changed my clothes in lighting speed. Just then I heard a blood curtlying scream. "Looks like my work is done." An evil man said. "muhahaha the Isogaiu clan is no more"
    I ran to the living room where mama and papa were laying on the floor lifeless. I ran all over the entire estate. Everyone was dead. Execpt Ana and Renji. MY trainer was dead as well .How could this have happened?