• My eyes flew open, where am I. Who am I. Why am I here.
    It is dark, and cold. Why is it so dark? Why am I cold? I want to be warm, where is there warm, while I am cold. I am confused. I am confused by my own questions.
    What it that on my cheek. It tastes salty, I remember now it's a tear. Why am I sad?
    Tears, memories come back to me now. Tears of joy, tears of saddness, tears for no reason tears. Now I am scared. What is their to be scared of. Monsters? No. Monsters don't exsist. I ask the question again. Why am I scared? I know the answer to that question. I am scared because I am lonely. Why don't I stand? For I was sitting. On what? Nothing but the cold hard ground. I remember now i am cold because i have nothing to warm myself with. Warmness doesn't come to me. I must find it myself. I stand up. It feels good to stretch out my legs. Why do I remember what my legs are? More memories come to my now. I remember the mornings, i remember a man, a handsome man, kneeling, putting a diamond ring om my finger, me crying tears of joy.
    i touch my finger, the ring isn't there anymore. I am sad, I want that man he could comfort me. I loved him, I don't know why but I love him.
    I cry some more. The strange salty tears run down my face. I want out of this room. How do I get out of this room. There arn't any windows or doors. I remember some more now. How did I get in this room.
    I remember me walking. Walking down a street? Then I fall. Where did I fall. On the ground? Yes. Then a man, a scary man. Not the comforting man I loved for a reason unknown.
    Then ther is pain. Pain inflicted on me. Why? Why did this scary man hurt me? What have I done to him?
    Now I am more sad. I have to get out of this room.