• The chains clanked as she bent her arms to escape the whip crossing her back. She screamed in such pain you could have sworn she had shattered a window at the pitch.

    Blood ran down every inch of her shoulders and back. She was breathing hard, and becoming dizzy from the blood loss. One more swipe across her back. Anoher, and one final blow.

    the men left here there, crying and bleeding to her death. She tried to move herslef, but her limbs where no match for the chains that covered her hands and ankles.

    She lifted her head, seeing the face of the man she once thought she could trust, she screamed "Damn you to hell, how could you!?"
    her tears flooded intencely as she flailed trying to break free.

    "I trusted you! you brought me here and handed my life over to what I thought you fought agaist!" she flailed harder,bleeding almost as intencely as she cried.

    A man came back into the room, smiling. She let her head drop.Once again she bant her arms trying to losen them. he knelt beside her, tilting her chin. He
    said in a evil, deep voice
    "be quiet, do what I say and I might just let you live as our maid."

    She turned away from him hand. he took her chin again."don't do that again"
    He threatened. She didn't say a word.