• I heard Ken made a warcry at the stranger as I laid beside the wall. Tears fell from his face as I laid there, pretending to be knocked out by the arrow in my arm. I peeked and saw the 2 of them fighting, swords clashing and lightning striking each time they clashed.
    They continued to fight and they fought farther and farther from where I was. As soon as they were out of sight, I struggled to get up and painfully walked to my friend's house, which wasnt far from here,
    As soon as I got there, the door opened and he was suprised to see me with an arrow in my arm.
    It took awhile to take it out and it hurted badly. He said to me,"now rest up your arm, it'll take awhile to heal back."
    when he left, I gazed at the ceiling and thought, "I've always been a magnet for trouble...." I recalled all the times Ken had to help me out of my problems such as the time the livestock ran out or when a building nearly fell on me.
    I then looked to my sid and saw a piece of paper and a pencil.
    I used my free arm, my left arm(writing arm) to grab the pencil. I looked out to ensure my friend wasn't there. I began to write on the paper and as soon as i was done, i folded the letter and left it on the bed where it would be the 1st place he would find it.
    I got my coat and opened the door. I breathed in and said to myself, "I don't want to be a nuisence to him anymore."
    I then took a step outside to the new life I was about to begin