• Once in a land of silver and gold, lived a young princess. She had the waviest blonde blowing hair, and the most beutiful face,mind,and body you ever did see. She could sing a thousand forests to sleep with one note of her singing. The most amazing melody came from her, as goes her name,
    Melodey was not like any other princess, she dispised pink and loved anything that would talk to her with care, gentlness, and the essence of not being so very alone.Why because of this you may think, well,she actually had a very special, and secret gift.
    She could talk to the trees or converse with the sparrow that lived outside her window. His name was Naylo.Naylo was her loyal protecter, and very best friend. His voice would sing as if it had all along with her's for all creatures of the morning and night.
    Days would pass like the water in the silver rivers, each one, more boring than the rest, but today, was not just another stroll in the forest.
    "Today is ther day for something to happen," Melodey sighed.

    30 Mns Later :

    "Ahhh....., what a lovely day, wearing a lovely skirt over shorts,in case of a swim, and having you, Naylo, as my friend," Naylo replies,"Yes, it is a quite enjoyable day," Melodey says,"Awww, c'mon Naylo, lighten up,we know what to do if something tries to hurt us,"
    "We do?,"Naylo asks.

    ..........they hear a sudden ruistling sound ana a deep laughing growl.......

    ...................the rustling stops and a monster of blue lips, redish brown skin, and 6 inch claws, jumps out of nowhere!..........
    It says," I Mourtis, Me eat u whole!,"
    Naylo:"Uhhhhh, Melodey what was that thing you said to do when we get in trouble?"
    Melodey looks down, rips of her skirt,and says:,run......

    They quickly dash through the forest, avoiding every priker and jumping over any stream, Untill they reach Melodey's father's Kingdom. Piled 70 feet high into the air, no-one could hurt the royals, or the family of Renharo. That was Melodey's last name. Her full name is
    ," Melodey-Daywa-Rosealina-Renharo,"
    The gorgens have been mortal enemies of the kingdom of Renharo ever since the battle of the sahera.
    The word around the kingdom is that for the adventuras Melodey to become Queen, has to marry a prince of some sort.
    ," WHAT??!!??," Melodey said when she found out.," I'm only 18, soon to be 19, why do i have to marry now!?,"
    "The royal church and councel have already aranged it for you, be ready to chose your husband to date for 5 weeks, in the morning." Melodey's dad says.," Just try to make the best of it, please darling?" Melody replies:," Alright daddy, but no foreign dudes, k ?" "Allright sweety, good-night." "good-night daddy"
    Melodey walkes to her room, and shuts the door, not even singing one note of her singing.That very night, she knew how she would chose her companion.
    The next morning came and she was ready to chose.
    5 Cute boys/men came into the room.
    "O-k I know how i'm going to do this"
    "question one: Who is older than 18?"
    Three men steped forward
    "question two: Who is younger than 22?"
    2 men stepped forward
    "final question: Who can....Sing?"
    1 Final man stepped forward-
    "You are younger than 22"
    He stepped forward
    "you are older than 18"
    he stepped close again-
    "and you can sing"
    he stepped forward so that his lips met her's and said,"yes my love"-and so then she knew, he was the one.