• "Mom, what do you mean about Kousuke being gone?" I chuckled nervously. I thought she was joking.
    My Mom gave a sigh. She knew it was hard to face the truth. "Sweety, he moved."
    I couldn't think, my head went completely numb.
    It was just too sudden.
    I cried that whole week, or I didn't say anything. I had to miss school as well.
    Also, I bet the rumors have started, saying that I loved him deeply.
    It was so true, and I realized that I was so stupid.
    I found out that I had loved him.


    "Class, we have a new student. Kousuke-kun, introduce yourself." My face turned bright red after I heard his name and I said,
    "EXCUSE ME! I need to go to the restroom!" I ran out, and I could have sworn that I saw HIM.
    HE was standing near the door, and he had a shocked red look. I cried, as if I left a huge trail of tears to the restroom. I heard footsteps towards the bathroom. I started to think it was HIM.

    So, you're at this school too?
    Me nodding..
    I see, well, it was nice seeing you again.
    and leave.

    "GAH!" I shrieked as a messed up my hair with my hands. My head started hurting about all the possibilities he would say to me, like,

    "Why are you avoiding me?"
    Thinking about what I would say and he saying.
    I see how it is.
    and him leaving.

    My head was going crazy. I heard the restroom door creaking open, and I now know it was just a girl. I was inside a stall, squatting on top of a toilet. "Hana, I know you're in there." The voice said. It was Yuna. I was relieved. She leaned on the outside of the stall where I was at. She joked, "Did you start your period?" I made an "Nnn.." noise. "You know I was joking about that part. Kousuke-kun, huh? That guy from your past?" I sniffed, from my moist nose. I made another "Nnn.." noise.

    I was sure it was him.