• Is this how I was meant to die?

    Was the first thought that came to my head as I tried to make sense of everything. I was cold, goose bumps rising up slowly on my arms as I started to shake slightly. I was also confused as to why I was here in the first place. The first thing I noticed when I came to was the stench. Like years of caked on piss, spoiled milk and funk was spread all across the walls. It was so strong that it left a burning sensation in my nose as my eyes watered slightly. My eyes tried to scan the area, to see exactly where I was, but that proved futile seeing as the room was pitch black. My body felt numb, though I’m not sure if it’s because I physically could not stand or if I was given something. I could barely feel the chain that was clasp loosely around my neck, a fact that sent shivers down my spine.

    Is this what fate had planned for me?

    I was never one to really believe in fate, but the chain of events that lead me to this point got me wondering if I was really fated to be here. Where ever here is. A sigh escaped my lips as I leaned my head back and let it rest against the cool stone wall. I never thought things would end this way, never thought I would die so young. I admit, I’m not your everyday kind of girl. I dye my naturally brown hair outrageous colors on whim, I hate pop tarts with a passion but love to eat the edges, I see absolutely no problem with acting a fooling around in public and my parents are just as crazy as I am. I didn’t see my future as ‘get married, have kids and grow old together’ type thing. It seemed to boring and too typical to be me. What I wanted was something different; go to a university in another country, become a veterinarian, and travel the world. If I happened to meet someone who was as up for adventure as I was, so be it. But I’d be damned if they expected me to be the typical house wife and someday a soccer mom.

    By now you’re probably wondering, ‘What the heck is she rambling on about?’ and ‘Where is she anyway?’ You might even be wondering ‘WHO is she?’ The last question is simple, my name being Jenessa Lewis Wilson and I am being held prisoner. By who? I’m not sure and for what reason is unknown to me. All I wanted was to be with my boyfriend, Conner, and spend my winter break with him. Too bad things don’t turn out as planned.
    It makes me sad to think about the last time I spoke to Conner, since me and him had gotten into a big fight over his friend Amy. She was trying to ease her way into his life more and more and tried to push me out of it. I love my boy, honestly I do, but he is so clueless and naïve that it’s not even funny. It was clear as day that the girl was trying to get him to look her way yet he insisted that I was seeing things. He tried calming me down, but I wouldn’t hear it.

    “Your just so clueless Con! How can you not see the way she’s looking at you? How she looks at me when you give me a quick peck? She doesn’t hide her look of disgust from anyone you know” I said, my arms folded as I stared at him. I couldn’t believe how stupid he was being! Everyone saw what I saw and I wanted him to see it too.
    “Jessie, maybe you should just lay down. Your tired and your upset, just get some rest. Want me to drive you home?” He asked, his voice trying to send his calm waves to me in a futile attempt. His warm brown eyes showed his concern as his shaggy blond hair bounce with every movement he made. He walked over to me, his 6 foot frame towering over my 5 foot 8 frame. He tried to wrap his arms around me, something that normally soothe me when I was upset.

    But not this time; I couldn’t let him win this fight. He needed to know what Amy was up to so that he could be on guard! Why couldn’t he understand? I pulled away, glaring at him as I did so. “First off, I’m not a child Conner, so don’t treat me as one. Second, until you do something about Amy, I suggest you get use to me not being here. ”
    Ok that was childish of me, and I knew it. I felt even sillier for doing it when Conner’s eyes filled with sorrow. His puppy dog eyes begging me not to do this…but no! I had to stand firm! Or else, Amy might succeed in stealing him from me and I wouldn’t allow it. I toughen up, putting my kind side in a box and bury it deep within myself, before storming out of his room and out of his house. My power stomps soften as soon as his home was out of view and that’s when the guilt seeped in.

    Ugh, I always overreact! Maybe I should just go and apologize? But that thought was thrown out by my stubbornness. It was like, if I said ‘I’m sorry I overreacted’ would be shooting up white flags and admitting that I was wrong. And my mind wouldn’t let me do that. A silly trait I got from my mom.

    So here I was walking around at night. Too stubborn to admit defeat yet too defeated to retreat to my home. So I ended up going where I always go when I’m upset; the park. When I was younger, the park was brand new. The swing set was a gloriously bright yellow, the slide a ruby red, the monkey bars a sky blue and the tire swing an electric purple. Now everything was faded cracked and aged; which made me love it even more.
    I walked over to the tire swing, planting my butt into the center of the tire as I leaned up to look at the sky. My flaws were ruining this relationship and it was so easy to see that soon I might destroy it completely one day. I was stubborn, forceful, had to always be right and easily thrown into a fit. I wouldn’t listen to rationality and I was childish. I was pessimistic when it came to myself and I was spoiled. I was going to turn 18 in five short but quick months and I was still acting like I was 12. I don’t even see what Conner saw in me, to stay so devoted to me for all this time.

    My attention was caught when something started to crunch behind me. It was rhythmic like two footsteps and it sounded too heavy to be a child. I panicked and could you blame me? But I saw this scene too many times in horror movies to just sit and wait for my end to come. I ran like the devil himself was after me, screaming loudly to alert someone to the danger I was in. I made sure to dash out of the park and towards the residential area so that someone would call 911. Lights of houses flickered on, people mumbling things as they came out in their bathrobes to see what’s wrong. Relief washed over my face as I ran up to the nearest house.

    “IneedhelpsomeoneischasingmesinceIwasattheparkandsopleasecall911!” I ranted off at the home owner who looked bewildered and confused. It took him a moment to understand what I was saying and for me to catch my breath. He scanned me for a second, looking skeptically at me before looking behind me. Why was he taking his merry old time? He sighed, waving dismissively at his neighbors for them to go back in before look at me. His expression was concerned, irritation and tired.

    “Look young lady, it’s obvious you must have had something to drink. Go home and get some rest” He said, shutting the door in my stunned face. Couldn’t he at least had offered to take me home? Take down my house number to call my parents or hell, keep the number and call to see if I made it home? For a brief moment, my disbelief and angry at his stupidity was my focus and I stubbornly stayed on his porch. I would have stayed there long, after waiting for him to turn off his bedroom lights before pounding the door like a maniac, had not a tall figure appear before me.

    Fright surged through my body and threaten to lock up my legs. But I wouldn’t let that happen! I jumped off the porch, running away from the figure and towards the other direction. My curiosity begged me to look behind me and see if he was there, running after me or given up, but I kept my head forward. With my luck, I would have ran into a house while finding out that he was gaining on me fast. I ran in zig zags, determined not to become another victim. My options of escape routes were limited, seeing as I could either run through an alley or pass it. The alley would have taken me home in a snap of a finger, but I decided against it. All those horror moves have the girl run down some dark deserted place and they end up getting killed or raped. Not me. I ran past it, knowing that I must have outsmarted the man until I ran into someone. I couldn’t see his face, the moon behind him made it seem like he was faceless. He was tall, easily standing at six foot three. His pale blond hair seemed tremendously soft in the moonlight and it made it look delicate even. But in contrast to the soft appearance of his hair, his words were harsh as a sword cutting through its victim. It wasn’t what he said that made it seem bad but how he said it.
    “You’re a pain and I can’t believe your worth all this trouble. You better be the one.” He grumbled and fright took hold of me. He quickly grabbed hold of me, like I could get away, and knocked the wind out of me and making my world go black…

    And then I woke up here. The chain around my neck and the ability to move gone. I felt weak and bitter. If I could change, my last words to Conner would have been kinder. I wish I would of saw my mom and dad and that I wish I could of bid them all good bye. But I couldn’t. Instead my parents would panic when they find me gone, my last words to Conner weren’t the best and he might think I’ve gone missing becomes of it and to top it all off, I got kidnapped in the most cliché horror movie way! I thought I knew how to evade predators. Whenever seeing a horror movie and seeing those girls in their ridiculously high heels, miniskirts and tight shirts trying to run, I knew that wouldn’t be me. No way would I be caught dead in that outfit, and I wouldn’t fall down and just scream when the killer is like 5 feet away. No, I would run and run fast. I would escape. I would survive.

    But instead I failed and I hated myself for it.